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Hi guys, I’ll show you how to Shop on AmainHobbies for FREE this Christmas. Wouldn’t it be cool if in just a few days, you could buy any RC car you want without taking money out of your own pocket? For me, I’m looking at picking up a Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3, a new Dynamite Platinum .21 XP V2 engine, some wheels, and a spare body shell for Christmas. According to the prices on AmainHobbies, that’s going to cost me about $1100. Trust me, what I’m about to show you is better than ANY AmainHobbies Coupon Discount you can ever find. In fact, after this, coupons will be like bonuses to your online RC shopping…

This is what I plan to Shop on AmainHobbies for FREE this Christmas

The Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3

Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3

Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3

And the new Dynamite Platinum .21 XP V2 engine

Dynamite Platinum .21 XP V2

Dynamite Platinum .21 XP V2

What about your shopping list? What would you want to buy from AmainHobbies this Christmas if money was no object? Would you get a new crawler, a Traxxas E-Revo Brushless, or the latest Kyosho Scorpion? How about a Futaba 4PKs? Make a list of the things you want to buy, and add up the total cost, because in a few short moments, I’m going to show you just how to earn that… and how to shop on AmainHobbies for FREE this Christmas.

How to Shop on AmainHobbies for FREE this Christmas?

The reason why I’ve been updating this RC blog only occasionally is that I’ve been really engrossed with my Internet Marketing activities. Truth is, it’s not hard to do! Watch the video below to find out just how I do it. It’s not hard at all! If you’re keen to do it, just copy my steps…

Want to know more technical details on how to do this? I.e. what programs you need, etc.. Click the picture below. It’ll link you to a more complete article on my Internet Marketing Blog. It’s just the same style I’ve done my RC How-To Tutorials (but I think I’ve become better at tutorials nowadays…)

How to Shop on AmainHobbies for FREE this Christmas?

How To Sell Clickbank Products by Email List Marketing? –

Drop your questions and comments in the box below… And if I don’t blog again here before Christmas… wish you Merry Christmas and hope you get to shop on AmainHobbies for FREE This Christmas too!

Julian Wong (Internet Marketing Blog)

I equipped my new R603FS receiver on my MP9 TKI and with my new 3PKS FASST transmitter I took the car out for the maiden track run with the new electronics. Great run, but at the end I was shocked to realize the antenna was gone! Probably came loose and got ripped off by the spinning wheels cos it’s so long!

First thoughts… “F*#$! Do I have to buy a new one for $75 already?” “Sure, there’s also an internal antenna, but it ain’t going to be as good”.

Later I walked round the track and found the antenna, but it was stripped of it’s socket (still in the RX). I eventually prised the receiver case open, un popped the socket or plug adapter (which look similar to the ones used in the Apple Iphones if you ever took them apart before), inserted the correct end of the coaxial antenna cable in and used a crimper to secure it. Works for now. I do find the external antenna gives better servo response.

BUT, just in case you face the same problem, you don’t have to

  1. Buy a new receiver ($75-80)
  2. Send your receiver back to Futaba for repair ($7 postage)
  3. Pay a hobby shop to repair your RX ($15-20 for labor)
  4. Buy a new Futaba coaxial antenna ($9)

CHEAP, and equally good solution is HERE. Exact same plugs. Same length. Just pop in and RACE AWAY! The compatible FrSky Receiver antenna available at Only $0.66, and if you remain on the product’s page long enough, you’ll get a pop-up advertising the item at $0.57.

Cheers and do thank me for the tip! Happy racing or bashing.


New MP9 TKI3 Layout

The new parts are listed here:

KYOIF474B Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3 Side Gard


KYOIF478 Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3 Front Radio Box Set

KYOIF479 Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3 Receiver Box Set

KYOIF480 Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3 Aluminum Servo Plate


via New Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3 Radio Tray Parts Revealed!.

I may get this instead as I can buy it for the same money as the 4PL, except that the 3PKS has FASST, which is what the top racers use.

Still prefer Futaba over Sanwa and Spektrum

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I’m thinking of buying a Futaba 4PL after I recently experienced several instances of steering-lag with my current FlySky GT3B, and car throttle malfunction which I initially thought was due to flat receiver pack, but in fact it was due to flysky receiver overheating! The GR3C receivers don’t seem to handle heat very well, and possibly they don’t handle Life-Po receiver batteries very well because back when I used NIMH, I don’t recall having this problem.

Currently, I’m still reading reviews online between Futaba 4PL and the Futaba 4PKS. 4PL has the S-FHSS, but no FASST technology like the 4PKS. I think 4PL is definitely better than my Flysky GT3B, but I wonder how much slower is it compared to 4PKS, which costs $200 more.

Meanwhile, I know for a fact 4PL is durable, and Basher-approved! thanks to the guys at BigSquidRC. This video is hilarious!

Short simple post. Don’t buy Redcats made by BSD Racing. Don’t buy anything made by BSD Racing.

When I was more “noob” I used to be a fan of how light weight and quick they were but their quality is crap and Alishanmao’s video series of “let’s break redcats” is a SCAM. This is a more realistic video of how crap they are:

Notice that Ali only ran each car briefly? And btw the person driving the E-Revo was some other turd who obviously was even more noob than i was.

13 Reasons why you shouldn’t buy BSD-made Redcats:

  1. They break
  2. They break very often
  3. The chassis/parts are made of PLASTIC, not composites like the big brands
  4. The bodies are made of PVC, NOT polycarbonate or Lexan
  5. The screws used are all malleable and ALWAYS strip or break, which would later be a bitch to extract
  6. The front and rear differentials don’t mesh well, they need to be shimmed
  7. The cup joints in the differentials are made of low quality steel that cracks often
  8. They have NO chassis brace.
  9. The front chassis is a separate piece of PLASTIC, for all models, including their 1/8 and 1/5 scale which always cracks after just a few tumbles OFF-ROAD (imagine… on-road damage will be far greater!)
  10. Air filters for BSD/Redcat nitro cars cannot withstand high temperatures and they melt, and fuck up the engines.
  11. BSD and BSD-made Redcats (Aftershock, Earthquake, Backdraft, Caldera) can’t last the length of a good battery pack on a race-track with jumps and bumps, even with proper driving.
  12. You will spend more time on repairs than racing or bashing.
  13. Even though parts are cheap than the big brands, you will spend more money buying replacement parts and you’re better off getting a “proper” car, i.e. Kyosho, Ofna, Thunder Tiger, Associated, Mugen, Serpent, HPI, Hot Bodies, etc.

So many things can go wrong with them. If you have one, take the motor, ESC, or nitro engine out, and put them in a “proper” brand “race-roller” you buy on Ebay. Often you can find many good race-rollers on ebay at the end of each summer. Their saving graces?

  • Strong arms – which outlast the rest of the car
  • Good electronics – Hobbywing is really good stuff!
  • Good engines – SH Engines are also good, reliable stuff (SH engines manufactures for LRP, Dynamite, etc)

Everything else? CRAP.

If you’re a teenager saving up extra cash and can’t junk your BSD/Redcat just yet, this video may be helpful:

Even this latest car by NitroRCX is crap, because it’s made by BSD Racing.

1/5th Tucson Brushless Off Road Truck By MadGear

Let’s see what happens when the masters of rock-crawling suspension design, Axial, can get up to when they put up a tough short course- type buggy…. or would this be a terrain buggy? Apparently the weight is also well balanced and that makes it good for landings.

These ones are running Novak Havoc Pro ESC’s, with 4.5 turn motors and Thunder Power 2S lipos.

Check out the official video right here on

This is Jared Tebo’s winning setup for the Neo11. I was looking this up because I need to get a new clutch bell for my MP9, and thought I might want to see what he’s up to. I’m quite surprised at the 13/48 ratio though. It’s really high!


I’d like to get one of these low profile body designs for my newly-acquired Kyosho Inferno ST-RR Truggy.