::HPI RACING:: #87230 17mm Hex Hub Conversion Set w/UV Joint (Savage)

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Hpi Savage Option Part Modifications
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#87230 17mm Hex Hub Conversion Set w/UV Joint (Savage)


These work like a charm! Previously due to a faulty ball bearing, the powerful k4.6 Nitrostar Engine caused a burnout of the left axle. That would NEVER happen with this. It’s so torque-y! If you have a Savage X 4.6, yous should get this! I’ll add a video of mine soon!

HPI Savage X 17mm Hex Hub Conversion Set with Universal Drive Shafts

HPI Racing is proud to offer this new 17mm Hex Hub Conversion Set with Universal Joints for the Savage series of Monster Trucks. 17mm hex hubs decrease the stress on the wheels, helping to prevent stripped wheels when using high horsepower engines. Universal joints deliver improved durability and more efficiency than the stock dogbones. They’re machined from high strength steel, hard chromed for a shiny durable finish that is easy to clean and looks great, and fully rebuildable to add extra life when it comes time for maintenance. These universal joints are factory designed, factory manufactured and team tested for the best fit and durability on the market. To help keep these universals together in the toughest conditions, the joint pin has been made with a special flat spot so the set screw gets a better seat when tightened. Sold as a set of four and includes everything needed to assemble and install. Comes with everything needed to upgrade one truck, including four axles/nuts, a wrench, thread lock and grease

via ::HPI RACING::.


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