UPGRADE I’M EYEING! : RBK10533 – RB Innovations HPI Savage XL, .25 SS & 4.6 Supercharger

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Hpi Savage Option Part Modifications
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Whoa! A supercharger for RC Car Engine! Can you believe it? Well! It certainly is on my wishlist right now! Gotta put aside money for the baby-expenses first before I splurge more on my hobby.

HPI Savage XL, .25 SS & 4.6 Supercharger

HPI Savage XL, .25 SS & 4.6 Supercharger

The RB Nitro Super-Charger is the ultimate engine upgrade component available in the RC industry. This patented, compact design consists of aluminum and thermoplastic construction. This lightweight construction minimizes engine power required to drive the Super-Charger turbo impeller system. This precision turbo impeller is enclosed in a micro-polished aluminum housing which has been machined from solid billet aircraft aluminum. This provides maximum strength and durability while providing superior air flow from the turbo impeller into the engine’s carburetor. The heart of the Super-Charger’s drive system is a custom composite drive belt that withstands the toughest environments. The Super-Charger’s drive system incorporates a lightweight flywheel, idler pulley system, and a 30% overdrive Super-Charger pulley. The Super-Charger also includes an optional auxiliary pressure output port for boosting fuel pressure to levels not reached by the standard exhaust pump system. This allows maximum nitro and air mixture which boosts engine horsepower. This product was designed and manufactured using one the most state of the art CAD/CAM systems available. All rotating parts within the supercharger are extremely lightweight thus drawing very little power from the engine.


* Kit will bolt onto any drop in engine

* Supercharger kit includes:

* Completely assembled supercharger

* High Flow 180 degree intake manifold

* 30% Overdrive pulley

* .25 to .36 size engine REQUIRE additional idler pulley. #IP2070

* High manifold & connecting tube

* Custom engine mounting bracket

* Custom drive system

* Innoflex tech drive belt

* Belt deflector plate

via RBK10533.


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