Posted: December 1, 2010 in General RC
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Hpi Savage XL 5.9 for (just over) half the money? The TTR Sledge Hammer 50 comes fully modded too with metal shocks, metal spur gear and transmission, rotostart and even a wheelie bar!

  1. Luke says:

    I couldn’t decide whether to get the new Savage or the Sledge Hammer S50 v2. I always wanted the Savage because of HPI’s reputation, but after looking at the prices I had to go with the S50. And boy, it was the right decision!! This machine is outstanding. Slightly bigger than the Savage. Bigger wheels. Bigger engine. 2 fwd gears as well as a reverse gear. And believe me, Thunder Tiger have matched HPI in quality. The Sledge Hammer S50 is a fantastic truck, and (like the rest of Thunder Tiger’s products) the best priced too!

    • Good choice. Honestly looking back, I regret getting the savage. The sledge hammer by many reviews is much tougher, and also, as the regional asian distributor is in my country, the price here is slightly better than Tower Hobbies or Amainhobbies in the US.

    • Savage’s uniqueness lies in the vertical plate chassis design which adds alot of rigidity. However, I’ve never heard of broken Thunder Tiger sledgehammers.

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