Kyosho Inferno VE brushless-powered 1/8 buggy

Posted: December 8, 2010 in General RC
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The Kyosho Inferno VE is based on the World Champion Inferno 7.5 chassis. It has all the same performance and durability with the added bonus of superior brushless electric power, and it’s all factory assembled.

It features a Team Orion Vortex 8 Experience 2050kv motor and a specially designed battery tray that holds two 7.4v Li-Po batteries that will provide approximately 20 minutes of run time depending on the batteries chosen. The Vortex 8 speed controller features sensorless operation in both forward and reverse, and it includes an auxiliary cooling fan.

A special motor mount allows for quick and easy gear mesh adjustment and motor installation and removal via two mounting screws on the top side of the two-peice motor mount. That means you don’t need to flip the buggy over to perform adjustments or maintenance.

The Inferno VE features a bullet-proof shaft drive system that features three adjustable differentials to tune for any running conditions. Oil-filled coil-over shocks are also standard equipement, which soak up bumps from one inch to ten feet. The VE is capable of extreme performance with a top speed of approximately 40 mph (true mph, not the nosnense that you see elsewhere on youtube all the time). This car has survived jump over trains and houses, so there’s not much it can’t handle in the course of normal operation.


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