1/8th Exceed RC MadFire .28 Nitro RC Buggy! RAAACING Edition!!!

Posted: December 21, 2010 in General RC
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All these bastard-child RC cars have rather great offerings at rather low prices in comparison to the pedigrees that inspired them.

What we have here is the Exceed MadFire .28 1/8 Scale Nitro RC Buggy. Quite evidently, it’s a ripoff of the Hot Bodies D8, Mugen MBX, etc. I’m not complaining about it being copycat.. After all, who would mind a powerful 2.9hp 0.46cc engine, 16mm big bore aluminium buggy shocks, chrome wheels complete with 17mm hex hubs and even a metal gear high-torque servo as standard feature for the paltry price of US$250? Besides, these RC “Mongrels”, like the ones from BSD racing, are extra bash-friendly than their IFMAR-winning step-brothers.

Want more product info? Follow this link.

Professional 1/8Th Scale Exceed RC MadFire Nitro Gas Power Radio Control RC Buggy w/ .28 Engine 100% RTR Racing Edition [Gama Orange]

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