HPI Savage X 4.6 Bash @ Segar RC Track | How to get to Segar RC Track

Posted: December 27, 2010 in General RC, My RC Cars, Videos and Action!
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https://hpisavagex46.wordpress.com. If you’re wondering how to get to the Zhonghua CC-managed Segar RC Off road Track, I’ll do you a favor, since NO ONE has explicitly written about it – except for that it’s beneath the KJE bridge. It’s located opposite HDB Block 419, Segar Road. Look out for the visuals at the start of this video. If you drive, you may park in the multistory carpark by block 419. If you’re taking the train, get off at the Fajar LRT, and walk against traffic past a junction to get to Segar Road.

Enough of that…so anyway, here’s my first run at the Segar RC Track, and as you can see, Savage X has CRAP turning circle. Twice as large a turning circle as my Kyosho Inferno. I’d have to get the steering/suspension arm conversion kit to improve cornering. If you’re considering a HPI Savage X 4.6, looking to race, want to get a great truck for a low price, get an Exceed RC Mad Storm at http://bit.ly/hYVwJK instead. The same .28- class engine, and a much lower CG and tighter turning, complete with high-torque servos.

Exceed RC Madstorm Racing RTR - Low Price, High Performance Race Truck

Exceed RC Madstorm Racing RTR - Low Price, High Performance Race Truck. CLICK HERE for more info...

  1. T qualizer says:

    Awesome savage !! I’ll be getting my rc possibly soon and I think i wanna try go segar..by the way have you tried the track at Defu?

    • Hi! Thanks, yes I’ve tried the Defu track. Bigger track and more jumps. What RC car are you planning to get? If u intend to play on these tracks, I recommend you get a buggy or truggy. If u want a monster truck, you can get a Traxxas Revo 3.3. Most trucks are just too clumsy. Leave me a note if you need any help! btw, great site u got. Is it making good sales? I’m looking to do a RC e-store at the moment, as I have some supplier contacts.

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