HPI Savage X Spur Gear Question via Youtube | Hpisavagex46.wordpress.com

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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https://hpisavagex46.wordpress.com. Here’s a spur gear question I received via Youtube by “MrBrotato”:

Q: Savage X Spur Gear
Quick question…

I just stripped my spur gear and I’m not sure if I should spend $4 to replace with the stock plastic one or $20 to get a metal one. I thought it was plastic so it would strip if under too much pressure in order to save other parts from damage…. Or is it just plastic because they’re cheaper?

A: Heya… you should change to the metal one because the plastic one is like… “built to strip”. if you look at the savage x ss, that comes readily equipped with the metal spur gear. so that’s a very telling sign. Take heed though, you need to get a new hardened steel clutch bell, either by Robinson Racing, or the Racing Clutch Bell by HPI. the stock one is too malleable and will basically warp.


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