Kyosho Inferno gets a Hot Bodies make-over!

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Http:// My 12-year old Kyosho Inferno DX gets a facelift! Yesterday I purchased a plain uncut piece of Hot Bodies D8 Lexan body shell for my Kyosho Inferno. “Are you sure it fits?” prompted Julia of Tai Seng Pte Ltd, the local HPI supplier. Pretty sure it did- and finally, I realized I just had to change the tail mounting hole’s position slightly and it was perfect! This is the next phase of “Anti-Toykar Pte Ltd” as I work toward getting this forgotten warrior back to racing health. Moving on to the paint job – this is no where near as good as Daniel Khoo’s perfectly done Yokohama Skyline GTR body shell, but it’s a lot better than my first diy shell. You can cross reference that in one of my first posts. First I started scoring along the perforations with a knife, the tried but had little success as tearing the unwanted bits off. Then I used a random pair of scissors (instead of curved scissors) to cut the rest of the shell. Then, I used the same army knife to ream out holes for the mounting pins, engine, and fuel tank. Next, I used medical masking tape to cover the areas I wanted to be left unpainted. I proceeded on to spraying the inside of the shell with 4 coats of paint- leftover metallic grey from a past handicraft project, and the neon orange paint I mark my tennis balls with. I used a hairdryer to speed drying up between coats. Unfortunately I failed to created a gradient blend effect. Lastly I stripped off the protective film on the exterior to reveal a rather glossy finish – if not marred by some careless scratches. Then I put some random decals on to decorate the plain semi-flop painting attempt.


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