Ubercool Inventions! – Draganflyer X6 – UAV Helicopter Aerial Video Platform

Posted: January 24, 2011 in General RC, Unrelated Stuff
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Picture 69, Photo Gallery – Draganflyer X6 – UAV Helicopter Aerial Video Platform.


The DraganFlyer X6, UAV Helicopter Aerial Surveillance Device - with DSLR camera!


This is uber cool ain’t it? Not the price though. At US$19995, this sure is too tall a price for a remote controlled voyeur cam. In fact, it’s a lot more than that. This is the DraganFlyer X6 – the latest UAV Helicopter Aerial Video Platform from the folks at www.draganflyer.com.

The foldable (can be compacted down to fit into a tube!) 3-rotored, metre-long helicopter is as able as scale-sized UAVs, with 3 Out-runner brushless motors powered by 4s Lipos delivering a whopping 14.8v of power to the minute 1 kilo machine – kept so light only because of its complete precision-engineered Carbon Fibre construction, for weight savings and durability. While its complex network of 11 onboard-sensors make way for easy flight control even by amateurs, the DraganFly X6 comes ready with GPS capabilities and can be programmed to fly along a mapped route. Communications gear includes a unique-band 2.4Ghz transmitter/receiver, and 5.8Ghz video uplink feed.


Buyers of the DraganFly X6 may select the factory-equipped camera from a series of options, with capabilities ranging from 10.1 MegaPixel DSLR still shots, to HD-recording, Low-light recording, to even Night Thermal Imaging!

If $19995 isn’t too steep for you, by all means get one… and send me some pictures! This definitely takes top spot on my gadget wish list!

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