A week ago I was just talking about how I’d continue to write even though no one seemed to care about my RC blog posts. Now, I’ve got a daily readership of 60-70! And most recently, I’ve been getting a bunch of emails and youtube messages asking me “What is the fastest motor for the HPI Savage X”, “Is supercharging my Savage X with a RB Innovations Supercharger a good idea” and “Are there some good Savage X Engine Mods Out there”…

Well… gee.. Savage X wasn’t meant to be a racing truck. If that’s really what you want, my honest words, in spite of the fact of owning a Savage X which I also modify quite a bit, are that for speed… save that money upgrading and just get a Traxxas Revo 3.3. The Revo may break a lil easier but it’s lighter and quick. Look on the bright side, if you spent the $400 you would have spent on mods on a Revo instead, you’d have 2 trucks! Ain’t that great? One to bash, and one to bash +race.

OK.. that’s being a little irritating. I shall answer your questions more directly, and I’ll do so all at once. Engine mods… other than a supercharger, which I’ll talk about shortly, are limited. You might wanna look at a different-shaped tuned pipe, with some knowledge from my recent posts on the varying functions of tuned pipes based on shape. About supercharging, that definitely works, but I think it’s better saved for road cars. Off road is just too much load on your engine when handling rough terrain, and the added strain via a supercharger such as the one by RB innovations is gonna cause your engine to break down alot faster. You might be better forking out a lil more money for a good motor (engine).

What’s the “fastest engine for savage x” then? There’s one engine out there that I’d call the fastest. Its simply getting the most powerful engine you can get, the one which dishes out the most horsepower and hoping that can fit in your chassis. I know for a fact a 5.9cc, or .36 engine will fit in.. but you might experiment with a 7.5cc(.46) engine and tell me if that works out. The Savage XL already uses the 5.9 cc engine. I’m not saying you have to get the HPI Nitrostar 5.9… because it isn’t the most powerful engine out there.

I suppose price is a concern.. So I actually suggest you start looking out for SH Engines which are from Taiwan. They are already on cars by Redcat Racing as well as ExceedRC. For a fairly low price, you can get a solid 5-6 horsepower engine for your Savage X. Then you’ll just have to play around with gear ratios after that, i.e. bigger spur gear or smaller clutch bell, for a higher top speed as your new engine will readily support it’s new speed.

I’ll be doing a review on SH Engines soon. Look out for that!

  1. Meshaal says:

    yes,, I respect your opinion, but we can not say if we put .36 it will be stronger or faster than .28 or so but we should say its bigger,,, I belive that the brand of the engine is the most important thing.

    F4.6, LRP .28, Picco and axial I think stronger and faster than SHs engines

    I did not like 5.9 on my XL,,, to be honest Savage X 4.6 is much better than Savage XL with whatever engine,,,,

    I am runing LRP .28 and the stock F4.6 which is also .28

    thank you so mush

  2. Meshaal says:

    yes it could be, congrats to your mate,
    In term of engines power and size I would recommend to ask your self a question,,, why most of truggies racers running .21 except fuel consumption,,,,
    theoreticaly, some .21 engines have more power than bigger engins, and high rpm, which means strong accaleration and top speed,,, unlikly the bigger engines which about torque in another word (wheely)



    Hey Guys I just bought a Savage XL. I was wondering if getting a picco 28 p3 with pull start and also drag mod at ab mods would be a good engine for my savage. If you can think of anything else I would have to buy to with stand the power. let me know. I would like to hear everyones opions good or bad. Thanks Guys!

    • Even though in terms of engine displacement, you’re downgrading, but the Picco you mention has a higher HP than the stock K5.9 engine, albeit at a higher RPM. Remember that for MTs you wanna keep the RPMs down if possible to prevent overheating. Or, you could have a smaller clutch and larger spur gear to give the high-revving engine less load. You may also wanna check out SH Engines. Something that has a peak output at around 25,000-28,000 RPM.

      If it’s speed you want though… u may wanna check out Kershaw Designs for a good brushless conversion. Nitro can’t beat a good brushless system out there on any day.

  4. Ahmad Izadique Ishak says:


    which SH engine are you referring to? I’ve been looking for the most powerful SH engine to put into my Savage X and RaptorX with rotor start.

    Fyi, my queries to SH Taiwan never got any reply.. They probably dont understand English..

    • Get mine dude…. It’s the most powerful one. PT 28 XM1-P8. Even their standard SH .28 OEM engine shipped with many china cars is more power than the original HPI engine. those are high-torque… as in the standard oem pull-start one.

      Mine comes just with backplate. u can fit the rotostart backplate on.

      Let me know if u need help ordering. Yea they don’t read their emails. I have a friend who works in Taiwan and HK who comes back regularly.

  5. Ahmad Izadique Ishak says:

    PT28XM1-P8 is not the latest one is it? What about these two, PT28XM1AC-P8 and PT28XM2AC-P8 ?

    Yeah, i heard almost the same comment about SH engine compared with HPI’s. I’m now using the standard .28 SH engine on my Nanda RaptorX.

    Did a drag race with a friend last weekend, mine SavageX K5.9 vs SavageX SH .28(standard). The SH Savage easily outrun mine….. probably his Spur/CB combo helps. I was hoping at least mine could close the gap on 2nd run…. but duhh.. lost in all 3 runs

    You mean the standard Sh.28 engine’s rotor start backplate can fit into XM1-P8?

    whats the price you get for XM1-P8?

  6. Ahmad says:

    Hello Bro…

    Malaysia… sorry took a long time to reply u.

    your .28 engine using .21 rotorstart backplate?

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