FOR SALE on EBAY : Glow Starter W/ Meter & Charger for Nitro RC Cars

Posted: January 31, 2011 in General RC, Items for Sale
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Glow Starter RC Engine Starting Tips
by Julian Wong

The worst thing that can possibly happen on a weekend race day at the RC track is finding out that your glow starter doesn’t work.

Glow starters fail to work for various reasons, the most common being:

#1: The battery is flat / not charged / can no longer be charged.

#2: The glow plug is damaged.

#3: There is a bad electronic connection (incomplete circuit) between the glow starter and the glow plug

With glow starter that comes with an in-built battery level meter, you are able to assess your battery level simply by connecting it to your RC vehicle’s glow plug prior to your outing to obtain an energy rating. If no rating is shown, gently rock the glow starter left to right, and even slightly clockwise until a full circuit is made. If that still fails, your glow plug could be faulty and you should unscrew it for a check.

When all’s in place, you should have a much easier time and much less guess work in starting your RC car with your regular pull start, hand-held starter or starter box. Happy racing!



* Small, light and powerful Ni-Mh battery Glow Starter.
* Enough power for a full day at the track.
* Replaceable battery.


* To charge, simply plug the A/C charger directly into wall socket. Then, squeeze the glow starter socket & place it onto the charger’s charging lead. The charging has begun.
* For initial use, do charge for 12-14 hours. Thereafter, a charge duration of 5-6 hours would suffice.
* To use on your Nitro RC car, squeeze the spring-loaded socket & place it onto the glow plug’s hexagonal body. When firmly connected, you should see a meter reading on the glow starter. “Green” indicates good battery level; “Red” indicates poor battery level that may not be sufficient to ignite your nitro fuel.
* Ni-Mh cell is stored with electrical charge, so do take head to monitor it’s capacity to prevent shorting out.
* Charge with chargers designed specifically for the BSD Racing Glow Starter Ni-Mh batteries for best results.

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