Http:// Turnigy charger poor Chinese English proof-reading “this charger may emit beat during discharging process” and “Operate the charger in well cooling and ventilated place”.

Turnigy Chargers come with HobbyKing XT60 connectors

Purchase 4mm banana plugs with the charging leads of your choice for use with the Turnigy chargers from HobbyKing.

Turnigy 200 Watts Lipo 10 Amps Charger

Http:// I just took delivery of the Turnigy 200 Watts Lipo 10 Amps Charger. I actually traded my GT RC A6-D for this as I was seeking to charge my Lipo packs at 10A, or 2C of my 5000 mah packs. I also purchased a balance card that’ll allow me to charge and balance 2 2 or 3 cell packs simultaneously. However, do note that ALL Turnigy chargers come with XT60 leads. It turns out that HobbyKing, the sole distributor of Turnigy, is vehemently against the “over-priced Deans connectors” and even made their proprietary XT60 connector type available for all to make without any licensing required. According to the HobbyKing website, the XT60 connectors have a superior contact area and the ability to carry a greater current load. If you’re using Deans or Traxxas connectors, it doesn’t mean you can’t use this value-for-money, feature-packed charger. All you need to do is buy a 4mm Banana connector with Deans or any charge leads that you need for your Lipo packs. While I’ll be getting that for my existing packs, I’ve also ordered XT60 connectors, and 4mm heat shrink tubing – which I’ll be using to switch my existing RC Car n battery connectors.


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