Reviews on Turnigy Trackstar 150A ESC

Posted as above: “Based on posts at RC-monster the internals are a Mamba Monster clone (even though on the outside it looks like a Tekin clone), but it uses lower quality FETs and an older version internal BEC circuit. Patrick, the president of Castle, was not too happy to find that out, for obvious reasons.”

Castle Creations Mamba Monster - CLONED INTERNALS | Turnigy Trackstar 150A

Castle Creations Mamba Monster - CLONED INTERNALS | Turnigy Trackstar 150A

Cloned Castle Creations electronics? Views on the Turnigy Trackstar 150A at
Cloned Castle Creations electronics? Views on the Turnigy Trackstar 150A at

Posted as above: “UNLEASH THE LAYWERS PATRICK!!! it really does look identical.
My grandfather worked for cinci. Electronics up until the nineties and one of his jobs was to dissassemble rival electronics to see if patents had been infringed,and after looking at this and castles esc he said it looked lawsuit worthy…–Josh”

Apparently, President and Principal Engineer of Castle Creations, Patrick de Castillo also smelt a fish on the design of HobbyKing’s soon-to-be Hot Product. He had this to say:

Patrick de Castillo, Castle Creations President, on the Turnigy Trackstar 150A

Patrick de Castillo, Castle Creations President, on the Turnigy Trackstar 150A

If it really is a Mamba Monster Clone on the inside… there’s reason for joy, as that’d technically mean that the Trackstar would have closely-similar capabilities at half the price. I don’t think it’s anything like the Tekin RX8 people are comparing it to though, just take a look for yourself….


Turnigy Trackstar 150A

Turnigy Trackstar 150A

tekin rx8 1/8th scale brushless esc

The only similarities I see is color scheme. Even the cooling fan vents are different. However, those who compare the two aren’t totally without a cause, as the motors included in the respective bundles aren’t that different after all.

Turnigy Trackstar 2560 1/8 Brushless Motor

Turnigy Trackstar 2560 1/8 Brushless Motor

Tekin T8 2560 Brushless Motor

Tekin T8 2560 Brushless Motor

The Tekin RX8/T8 System comes at an estimated Street Price of US$349, while the Turnigy Trackstar System (rebranded SkyRC Tor08) comes at only US$127.

Reviews from recent Turnigy Trackstar 150A purchasers:

1/22/2011 Customer (26 members like this guy)

Like this?

got my turnigy trackstar 150a today
give you some info on it what it says in the instructions
fwd/brake or fwd/brk/rev
2-6 li-po 25.2 max
motor limits 2400 kv or lower up to 6s or25.2 max
motor limits 2400 kv or higher up to 4s or16.8 max
continuous burst current is [150amp continuous] [to 950amp burst]
switching bec 5.7,3amp
thermal overload yes
dimensions LXWXH 48.8X57.8X35.8
weight without wires 88g put my wires on and its 152g
on resistance,brushless 0.0002 Ohms per/ phase at 25c{77f} trans temp
hope that helps you out all info comes from instruction
wire are good quality but make sure you get 6mm plugs and heat sink
straight forward to solder the wire on
bye the program card to make life easy
esc has a good fan fitted
will fit it in my 1/8 hong nor pro truggy when i find a good motor
thanks for you time

Customer    2/2/2011 7:30:00 PM

hi not found a good motor but will do soon
but i thought reply to some messages
so i tested it now in my other car
i took out my quark monster pro 125a esc
out of my 1/8 serpent vector on road car
and put the turnigy trackster 150a in
the motor whats in this car i done a review of it
it is the kd36-74-09xl 1900kv modified now
wilth holes drilled in it at each end to allow heat out
and with turnigy big fan heatsink
i ran the trackster with 14,8 2 x 7.4v turnigy 5000mah 30c
trackstar ran great with low heat due to large heat sink fan fitted
will try with 18.5v when i get some more motors
as for 5 star rating i gave it i never had a problem with hobbyking and you cant go wrong at that price
i am going to bye another one for a twin brushless conversion
hope it helps you out on getting one all the best many thanks

For those looking to get one of these ESCs, which are DIRT CHEAP ANYWAY at just US$67, or as a bundle at US$127, my take is, go ahead try it out and let us know, or for the rest… wait for more reviews before proceeding.

  1. doesnt look like a copy of either to me. just looks like another crap chinese esc. the motor looks differed. the esc case is different, the colours are differed, the layout is different…

  2. Mills says:

    Nothing like a cheap Chinese knock-off followed by a Chinese quote from one of the people who helped build it. English is clearly not his first language and this fools no one. Chinese do this all the time. The Chinese manufacturers have all the plans and information of the real products The sell this information to anyone who will buy it. It’s what they do and it’s the number one thing that is killing American companies (and others around the world). They basically gave all their hard work to the Chinese – who in turn sold it. How do I know? It’s what I do – work to protect the ownership of technology of companies around the world from these bottom dwellers contract manufacturers. This is the fault of every company around the world that wanted to use cheap labor to build their goods – how’s that working for you?

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