Http:// Pictured, clockwise from top left, BSD BS807T Short Course Truck, Viper XST 550-motor 1/10 Monster Truck (also available with Brushless motor), BS809T Land Ripper 2 1/8 Brushless Buggy, Leopard Mini-zilla 4WD Twin Motor Twin 7.2V high performance mini-truck. Short course truck has been sold, refer to earlier post for review. Viper XST and Leopard Mini-zilla are gifts but also available for sale. Land Ripper 2 is an awesome buggy! That and the SCT are rugged as hell and among the fastest in their class. I’m taking the manufacturers word on this that Land Ripper 2 kicks the predecessor’s ass. Been wanting to do a video on the LR2 but no one to film whole I drive it.

BSD / Redcat Short Course Truck Size Comparison

Http:// Here is the BSD | Redcat Aftershock 8E put beside the 1/8 Scale Hpi Savage X 4.6, and the BSD Viper Xst 1/10 Monster Truck (Aka Redcat Earthquake) just so you can have a better idea on its dimensions. If you realize, 1/10 SCTs are often as large and have wheelbases as the 1/8 trucks and buggies. Yet, some track operators forbid running 1/8 class cars n trucks on the very tracks the 1/10 SCTs run on.

Down-sized RC Monster Trucks

From large to tiny! 1/8 Scale Hpi Savage X 4.6, Viper XST 1/10 Monster Truck, Leopard 1/18 Mini-zilla

Is the BSD Land Ripper really a Narrow Track Buggy?

There’s been much talk about the Bsd Racing Land Ripper – that it is longer and narrower than race-class 1/8 buggies. As I have a Kyosho Inferno, the most popular IFMAR race car, I decided to have visual comparo. Verdict: Same wheelbase, same track. If you thought it was longer or narrower, it’s just an optical illusion.

RC car collection: 1/8 scale to 1/18 scale

Http:// – the whole gang.

  1. Mike Sisson says:

    Can you Order parts for the BSD racing buggy V2 and mail them to the USA i cant find a few parts for this buffy like the wing mounts and uper A-arms .. most the other parts from RedCat’s Backdraft 8E fit. I trying to find a few parts for it ..

    • Yup I can.. You’re right.. the main differences between the two are simply the A-Arms and the wing mounts. But for the A-arms you’ll need a set of new dogbones and axles.

      However, the front arm carrier is the same as the Backdraft. Something to think about is that the A-arms put more stress on the arm carriers than the flexible I-arms. Though mine have slightly warped, they’re still holding up… even after breaking the front chassis twice. So I guess they’re still rather tough.

      I also recommend you may wanna change all the wheel hub screws cos the stock ones are really pliable. I am currently using Titanium screws on mine- which came from an Inferno screw kit.

      About your question, I can order the parts for you and have them sent. Postage shouldn’t cost much as they aren’t heavy.

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