Parenting Guidelines : Follow or Not?

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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My wife and I are vehemently against textbook parenting practices and guidelines. “Lunch at 11”, “Nap from 12-2” … “Lights out at 8”. Absurd. It’s writing your own time-prison- plus it teaches the child nothing in the way of adaptability. Who on earth cane up with these stupid ideas on parenting? Then throw in the baby steamed by way of two extra layers of clothes and you may start thinking that this is instead, Smothering 101. Overly-protective parenting results in babies and subsequently, children who are irritable, short-tempered and highly affected by changes in environment. Such parents usually take pride in their form of child-care and will never admit to running a fault- not even when their young manifest as the troublesome weaklings. We prefer to believe that children are to be thought and guided- not little frankensteins that will end up ruling us parents. We’d rather ensure that our young get their feed when hungry, and a place to rest when tired – while we continue to live our normally productive lives.


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