I quite prefer the jumps built here than the ones at Segar. My car grabs alot more air and nose-dives much less.

Another perspective of the RC track

Self explanatory picture. Hand-painted “DIOT Track” signboard

The work benches at DIOT

The other half of the DIOT track

The DIOT track. Half of it. Too wide for my IPhone lens

Here we are, at the Defu Indoor Outdoor Track or DIOT as known. You might notice that it’s not really “in doors” as there aren’t any doors about here. If anything at all, this place might pass un-noticed unless GP buggies are running, as it is enclosed by plants on all sides. The track is the size of both EP and GP tracks at Segar Rd combined- or even larger than that. DIOT probably is the biggest un-official RC track in Singapore. The official ones would be the one at Turf City (which may disappear when the site’s operation license expires in August 2011), and Bottle Tree Park RC.


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