Local hobby “barren” wanted US$19 for a clutch alignment tool. What a douchebag! Like I’d buy from an extortionate git like that. I got this for US$5.99 on Tower Hobbies. There was even a “parts express” shipping discount. I bought quote a bit of stuff for the same low views

New RC Air Filter + Exhaust Muffler’

New simple mods for the old warrior. Air filter is the double layered type, from Thunder Tiger, and exhaust from BSD Racing.

Dirty 1/8 RC Wheel Washing

Http://Hpisavagex46.wordpress.com. I’ve got loads of BSD / Redcat Racing spares… Shame the Land Ripper wheels are of a different hub size than my old Inferno DX. I had no choice but to strip out the foam, and separate tires from the wheels for a clean before I apply some fresh CA in the morning for afternoon racing.


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