No kidding! Real collisions we’re talking about here. There were not staged, but they happened to be caught on camera- and produced for viewing by the cool folks at XXX Main.

I recently got on this flaming war on Youtube with this dipshit “PurePCMandess” – I think he probably meant “PurePCMadness” but the moron just couldn’t spell. So there he was commenting on a video I watched, telling the Youtuber that he’d have stepped on all those RC Trucks had he been at the BMX tracks they’ve been practicing on. Like another Youtuber,  ImOn20thstair, I thought his remarks were uncalled for and I can imagine BenHaro had no other place to bash and empathised with his frustration.

Bashing with Hpi Savage on Sh 28 Pro Spec,

Bashing with Hpi Savage on Sh 28 Pro Spec,

So I happened to be googling randomly, and file I searched for some RC news to feature involving girls and rc cars, I came across the heading “Girl Hit By RC Car” on one of those rick-rolling spam, and found these videos on a later search. PurePCMandess is an avid BMX-er, so I told him, for all his remarks, he deserved experiencing this:

Girl OwNeD by RC TrUcK at BMX Track~ Kid Hit by RC Car


There was another video of similar nature, but not quite so funny if the man had not saved the little girl from the flying HPI Savage X.

Kid HIT by RC T-Maxx Monster Truck??? NiCe SaVe!

Go HPI Savage X 4.6!

– Julian Wong


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