– Julian Wong
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via Japan Got Earthquake, Quick Book Your CNA Commercial Slots Now!

Singapore media giant conglomorate, Mediacorp Singapore roused the furor of Singaporean netizens and observers after a badly-phrased EDM got around it’s pool of regular and prospective advertisers.

The electronic digital mailer (EDM), directed at advertisers, boldly canvassed advertising slots in the face of high anticipated viewership of TV programming concerning the impending Japan national disaster, said to be the worst since World War 2.

Below is an un-tampered screenshot of the email in question:

Singapore Media Giant Exploits Japan Tragedy For Advertisement Slot Roll-Out
Singapore Media Giant Exploits Japan Tragedy For Advertisement Slot Roll-Out

What was described to be most perturbing about the email was it’s call for action, “Call our sales representatives now”, in bold text. Netizens lambasted it as “highly thoughtless and crass”. The email became a matter of public knowledge after being leaked out and pinned on popular national satire blog, MrBrown.com.

The regional media giant has since issued a public apology as follows:


Singapore, 12 March 2011 – Netizens have criticized an electronic direct mail (edm) sent by MediaCorp Marketing Communications canvassing for advertisements on Channel NewsAsia, shortly after the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan yesterday.

In a statement, Mr Edwin Koh, Senior Vice-President, Marketing & Sales Planning, MediaCorp clarified that the edm was sent to a targeted group of clients and agencies that had interest in being part of “breaking news” coverage.

Added Mr Koh, “We apologize unreservedly if we had been seen to be insensitive to the gravity of the situation. The staff concerned has been counseled to be more circumspect; we hope the public will be forgiving and we can focus our attention and efforts on the affected victims of this most unfortunate tragedy.”

While the EDM may have held status quo with regard to events like the World Cup, issues of this magnitude cannot be taken in jest. Public TV operators need to be more responsible and pro-active in mapping out their guidelines of proper conduct.

– Julian Wong
for Http://hpisavagex46.wordpress.com

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