Http:// I’ve identified the problem that has stalled my Inferno DX. Previously, I was under the impression that the centre diff was at fault for not sending power to rear wheels. Then, after doing more checks on how the rear drive shaft moved depending on how I spun the rear wheels, comparing to the front, I realized that it could be a buggy rear differential issue.

So after dismounting the rear bulkhead from the chasis…

I observed that I had correctly deduced the problem. Indeed, differential pinion and spur gears were stripped!

While I should only celebrate after I find suitable replacements for these parts, I am glad that it wasn’t the centre diff after all. The centre diff parts would certainly be rarer and costlier than the rear diff. What’s comforting though, is that kind folks at shared that I might be able to use most parts from future infernos, as its apparently forward compatible, prior to the Inferno MP9. I’ll be updating you folks on this repair in case anyone may have a Inferno DX as well.

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