Http:// Just received a batch of these today from Ace-Pow. These are the ROAR-Approved Hard Case 2S 7.4v 5000mah 40C lipo batteries for RC cars and trucks. I’ll be using two for my BSD Racing BS809T Land Ripper 2 (Redcat Backdraft 8E), and the rest will be sold on-line and off-line to hobbyists over here. These should get me rather good running times and extended peak performance on my buggy. Gens Ace batteries are reputed for good discharge power curves and true-to-print discharge cycles- something which cannot be said among even popular American-made Lipo race-ready packs. Unfortunately, Ace-Pow just launched their 2S 7.4v 5000mah 50C packs but they were sold out before I could get my hands on them. Nonetheless, these ones are race proven, and Jeff Hoy of has tested them to be a top performance battery brand in his two “Lipo Battery Shoot-Outs”. If you own a Traxxas Slash, Hpi Blitz, Inferno VE, or Vorza Flux, you’ll want a set of these packs to amp up your car’s performance


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