Green Hornet’s Seth Rogen Slams Singapore on Conan O’Brien

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
Tags: , , , Following his visit to Singapore to promote the launch of the film, “The Green Hornet”, Seth Rogen was seen slamming Singapore on Conan O’Brien’s talkshow. In the 1m 43s video clip, the talented script-writer and actor behind award-winning box office hits, Superbad, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno, ridiculed Singapore and his visit there on issues ranging from the Michael Fay caning over graffiti, to the stiff treatment of drug trafficking (death penalty), to the Singaporean’s political apathy, and dictatorial government.

Several reposts of the original footage on video-sharing sites such as Youtube and Dailymotion have elicited negative sentiments from netizens. While the majority reacted with anger and calls for “Seth Rogen Boycott”, the rest agreed with Rogen’s points but felt that he could have presented them more tactfully.

Author’s thoughts: Geez! You should know better than asking movie fans on questions like “how do you find it in Singapore”. If they aren’t already stupid, they’re star-struck. People with an opinion on things would have better things to do than be at a public movie launch. You might have better luck with getting an opinion at a Gala Premier….. plus…. Rogen was being the same spoilt braggart bozo he played in Green Hornet.

  1. Mrs Perry from Singapore says:

    Seth, you are a lousy example of an international celebrity. It’s pathetic, your comments are unfounded, biased and ignorant. Stop ruining Singapore’s reputation and at the same time, projecting Americans as arrogant, ignorant people. It’s sad to see what people can defame about other people’s home and country just to gain the audience and media’s attention. Well you certainly caught mine and I am no longer a fan of yours. Singapore is a wonderful place and if you did not spend the time to learn and live it, keep your comments to yourself.

    • You should have added a “to: Seth Rogen” there. Lol! But I hear your frustration. I used to be a fan of his films. I don’t think he meant to get people’s attention by shooting his mouth off. It seems he clearly didn’t like it here. He’s very immature and un-tactful and that disgusts me. I wouldn’t call Singapore a “wonderful place”, but it’s definitely far from being “scary” or “terrifying”.

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