Http:// The FlySky FS-GR3C is the accompanying 2.4ghz receiver for FlySky’s popular GT2 and latest GT3B transmitter models. The antenna is protected 2 inches from the end with clear heat-shrink tubing. It also comes with a short antenna tube and a bind plug. I’ll be getting more receiver units like this, so that I may bind all my RC cars to my new GT3B controller. My latest cars from BSD Racing come with the GR3C receiver as standard so I wouldn’t need to replace those. FlySky also does OEM for HobbyKing, so those looking to get additional receivers after buying the new GT3B won’t have to look too far.

FlySky FS-GT3B Box Contents

The FlySky FS-GT3B’s packaging includes: the FS-GT3B transmitter, the FS-GR3C receiver, Bind plug, Antenna tube, Usage Manual CD-Rom. Racers will also be glad to know that the controller comes pre-loaded with a virtual racing software so that you can practice your driving and cornering skills before you head down to the track.

  1. ANDRE says:

    Hi there,
    I bought a Fly Sky FS-GR3C and use a Sanwa transmitter, how do I bind the two ?

    Appreciate the help 😉


    • Usually binding would involve plugging the bind plug into the 3rd (unused) channel of the receiver, and holding a bind button or pulling a trigger on the transmitter. Check that it’s also 2.4ghz and use a common crystal. I would also recommend against brand-mixing, as most manufacturers would put their own restrictive functions on products to ensure loyalty, but since you’ve got it, I don’t think you have much of a choice here. Although Sanwa is made in my country, I don’t use Sanwas. Which model do have? If you haven’t got the manual, you can search online for an Airtronics’ manuals as they are similar if not the same thing.

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