Http:// I’m gonna take you on a little photo journey of the Segar Rd hobbyist attractions, namely, the offroad tracks beneath the KJE bridge. First up, the offroad mini mountain bike trail. RC bashers are a cyclist’s dread as it’s just too enticing to impose on their facilities. A challenging course with plenty of jumps here, but play only at your own risk of getting verbal or physical abuse by the bikers.

Some of the bike jumps I was telling you about.

Race the cambered turn anyone?

SgCrawlers hangout : Segar Road Bike Track

I’ve chanced upon members of Sgcrawlers doing their rc crawling races over here. Such a nicely landscaped place, why waste it?

Here’s Zhenghua CSC’s welcome notice to the Segar Mountain Bike Park

For Monster Trucks Bashing …. Why Not?

This is the barren area beside the Segar Mini Mountain Bike Park. Bikers have been creating their own bumps and jumps over here. The ground is strewn with mountain bike tyre thread marks. They only appear in the evenings though. RC Monster truck bashers just want to rough and tumble about, so this spot is perfect!

Here is the welcome signboard lovingly put together by the founders of the Team Segar RC.

A note from the Zhenghua CSC.

Notice board

Segar Road 1/10 Buggy & SC Truck Track

I thought this was a cute idea.


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