EFRA Homogolated Tuned Pipes for RC Cars

Posted: April 6, 2011 in General RC
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Do you have a nitro RC car and looking to join a large competition? You’ll need to ensure that your car is using a compliant type of tuned exhaust pipe.

The European Federation of Radio-operated Model Automobiles (EFRA) publishes an annual listing of approved RC exhaust pipes and their EFRA numbers so that racers may pick the right stock before going for a major race event

Generally, EFRA hopes to reduce and regulate the noise levels of mufflers on the market. I understand that the current direction of EFRA 3000 series are for triple chamber exhausts which produce less noise as compared to the preceding two-chamber 2000 series.  Do be warned of possible power drops – but this is ultimately for the good spread of the hobby.

Some 2000 series pipes are still allowed. Make sure you check this list first before committing yourself. You may do so at the following link.





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