Team Losi Racing’s Totally New TLR22 2wd Buggy

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Pro RC Racers, Team Losi Racing
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Team Losi Racing's Totally New TLR22 2wd Race-Ready Buggy

Team Losi Racing's Totally New TLR22 2wd Race-Ready Buggy

The Latest on my RC Wishlist…. The TLR22. This replaces the XX, XXX buggies by TLR, and draws inspiration from the RC8. Mom would flip with the addition of yet another box in the hallway. Looks like I’ll have to wait till July when I get keys to my new home. This will be something to kick ass at the Lor Chencharu Bottle Tree Park 1/10 off road race track.

Check out this video intro by Horizon Hobby. It’s the most informative introduction I’ve found as yet.

Team Losi Racing is back in the 1/10-scale electric game with a vengeance with the debut of their new 2WD buggy. Dubbed the 22, it marks a totally new direction in terms of design, features, tuning, materials and more from previous designs. Perhaps the most innovative new feature on this new platform is the ability to reconfigure it from a traditional rear motor configuration to a mid-motor configuration, totally altering how the car handles and jumps.

The best part is, you’ll be able to make the switch without having to purchase any additional components. It’s quite literally like having two different vehicles in one box. The 22 has a number of other outstanding and innovative features that, while unavailable or expensive options on other chassis, come as standard equipment on the 22. All-new top-filled shocks grace the four corners of the 22 and have been modeled after the ones found on the larger 8IGHT 2.0 Race Roller. Their larger 12mm diameter and thick, titanium-nitride-coated shock shafts provide the 22 with a plush suspension that is incredibly smooth.

Speaking of titanium nitride all the hinge pins feature the gold sheen that it is noted for. The 22 also omits a traditional bellcrank system, instead opting for a unique slider rack that has nearly friction-free operation. And a car is nothing without a sturdy backbone and the 22 has just that thanks to the 2.5mm thick precision-machined 7075-T6 aluminum chassis plate. That’s right, I said aluminum.

Come along with us as we share the details with you on what is sure to be the pinnacle of 1/10-scale buggy performance in the Team Losi Racing 22.

I’ll be posting soon the lowest prices on the TLR22 after I do some scouring on the net. Do check back on


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