Lowest Price for Team Losi Racing TLR 22 2WD Race Roller Buggy

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Team Losi Racing
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Side by side comparison of the Losi XXX and the new TLR22

Side by side comparison of the Losi XXX and the new TLR22

HorizonHobby.com – Selling at US$269.99

Horizon Hobby of Southern California acquired Team Losi Racing in 2001, and have exclusive label rights.

SpeedTechRC.com – Selling at US$269.99

Speedtech is also offering an extra set of front and rear tires for FREE. You get to choose the type of tires you want on checkout.

AmainHobbies.com – Selling at US$269.99

A-main Hobbies has a reputation for serving the serious RC enthusiast. They stock top kit and race roller editions by the various makes.

Speculation has it that Horizon Hobby has put stringent price controls on the Losi brand. You may have some luck finding a good deal on Ebay, but otherwise I think SpeedTech packs the best offer on this one. The SpeedTech admin comments on RCTech that everyone is given the same Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), but they’re the only ones throwing in extras at the moment, so you have one less thing to shop for.

Do drop a comment if you found the TLR22 going for cheap. We’re out to air the lowest price for this winning design!


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