Singapore General Elections 2011 PAP Manifesto Youtube Video – Dislikes Enabled!

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Singapore Politics, Unrelated Stuff
Tags: , Here is the hotly-discussed GE 2011 PAP Manifesto video. The original video uploaded by the PAP gathered 600 Youtube “dislikes” and only 5 “likes” shortly after it’s posting. It back-fired so terribly that the moderators had the video ratings and comments removed.

The 2011 Singapore GE will be in the year of change. I’m very keen to see what the results will be. While I do think that PAP will reign, I do foresee PAP losing more than a handful of seats this year. While the opposition parties still have much to learn and structure to build, they will benefit from a growing dissent among Singapore’s vocal, educated and savvy Gen X and Gen Y camps who have for too long kept mum against their governing “fathers”. Even voting the opposition may not offer security, at least there is hope for change.

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