Lol! “Pointless” RC Blog Breaks 20,000 Views!

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Http:// Half a year in the making, this “pointless” blog just broke 20,000 – no, in fact 21,000 views. This RC interest blog came from the humble beginnings of 13 views in the month of inception, to a steady 300+ views per day right now. Back then, even acquaintances turned a blind eye to the posts here. Then again, I don’t expect many people to care. After all, most people would rather read or ogle stories, pics and videos pertaining to celebrity gossip, trivia and the super trivial stuff on what they ate or did yesterday. This blog now gets over 80% of its views via search engines, a good 12% of views via re-blogged posts and shares. 300+ daily views in the Radio Control Cars niche is worth 3-4 times as much traffic in a popular niche. Best part? I love writing about this stuff so much I don’t find it a matter of commitment or a chore.

  1. “Pointless” RC Blog Breaks 20,000 Views!
    Yeah, well done keep up the good work. More views will come.

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