Selling Off My Thunder Tiger Pro21-R W/O Pullstart

Posted: May 11, 2011 in RC Nitro Engines, Thunder Tiger Co.
Tags: , , , , , , , This was the engine on my Kyosho Inferno DX which I have decided to retire due to parts shortage. Before any further wreckage, I’ll be cleaning it up and putting it up for display.The .21 3.5 cc buggy engine still works great. 2.1HP and has a top rev band at 28,000rpm. Letting go for $70. Great for entry-level buggy or truggy. However, those who’re currently racing a .15 or .18 engine, i.e. Traxxas Revo or Jato 3.3, or even the HPI RS4s will find this to be a big power boost.

Here’s another picture of the engine, in a clean condition. I’m selling mine without pullstart, with the original Thunder Tiger engine backplate, as I’m using the pullstart for a different car.

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