SH PT28 XM1-P8 Buggy / Truggy Engine

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Http:// Here’s SH Engine Company’s top-level offering for .28 class Nitro racers. “SH” are initials for the Taiwan Company’s name in Chinese, “Sheng Hong”. The company is also known as Golden Lion Enterprise Co Ltd.

This is an 8-port racing engine with a 3-screw carburetor assembly- namely for High Speed Needle (HSN), Low Speed Needle (LSN) and Idle Screw. Unlike other SH engines in the lineup, this one does not have a Mid-range Needle adjustment.

The pilot shaft is of a standard length and compatible with most flywheels and clutch bells. However, for this engine size, a 3-shoe clutch and flywheel system is recommended. Rather than using E-clips which are common on lower capacity engines, this uses a 3-mm cap screw. Shim accordingly to remove excess play between your clutch, flywheel and the cap screw.

Due to the 8-ports, the SH PT28 XM1-P8 has a rather large cylinder head. Here are the power statistics- Cublic cpapcity 4.57 cc Bore 18.50 mm Stroke 17.00 mm R.P.M 36000 rpm Power 4.0 hp Weight 422 g

Bad Taiwanese English

I thought this typo by Taiwan’s biggest RC engine manufacturer was rather funny. “Power by SH”.


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