RC Humor. RC Car Muck-Around

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Http://Hpisavagex46.wordpress.com. BSD Land Ripper 2 with 6.3″ truck wheels, HPI Savage X looking dorky with 1/8 DIY drift wheels (road tyres taped over with electrical tape).

Land Ripper 2 showing off its (limited) suspension travel as it crawls over the “Savage X Drift”. I should assume that the Redcat Earthquake 8E used axle extenders as this setup I did has very narrow track. I just ordered longer axles and axle extenders for the fun of it.

Still too narrow to be truggy, but not for long.

Mix-and-match frenzy… Bringing back the days of silly European bicycles with a large front wheel and a puny rear one.

I’ve been drifting the BSD Land Ripper, if you’re wondering why it had those rear wheels.

This was a joke. I’m sure the Savage X would be pissed off with me if it had feelings.

Don’t they look small from this view?


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