My First Flight of the Avatar Z003 / F103 Micro-Helicopter

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
Tags: , , , I must warn you that I’m no expert in this area, and I’ve only “briefly” owned a 45cm co-axial helicopter before, which I gave to my tom-boy domestic helper as a farewell gift. That was a HuanQi HQ853.

I decided that I still wanted to fly a helicopter and that the HQ853 was probably a little big for indoors (at home) – where I’m mostly at, if not out for work. The Avatar Z003, a.k.a. F103 Firewolf Micro-Helicopter was highly lauded for it’s ease of control, stability, and agility – and I found it to be every bit as so.

Owing to its minute palm-size, it has no place where there is breeze or even drafts of wind. Your best bet is to fly it in an air-conditioned room. It’s no surprise why micro radio controlled air crafts are keenly hawked in shopping malls these days.

Do check out my flight video, and I hope you enjoy it. As my controlling skills improve, I’ll certainly be posting up more videos and a proper review of this.


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