Here’s my no-BS review of the BSD / Redcat Racing cars’ optional upgrades. If you happen to get hold of a car or truck by BSD / Redcat Racng, congratulations, as you’ve just picked up one of the fastest machines around. In this video, I’m gonna show you which upgrades work, which ones are a waste of money, and some additional tips to make your car run better and last through bashing better.

The tips here apply to all the BSD Racing 1/8 Scale Cars, i.e. the Land Ripper, the BS809T, the BS807T, the BS802T, the BS808T, etc, the Redcat Backdraft 3.5, 8E, Aftershock 8E, 3.5, Earthquake 8E, 3.5.

Being an importer of these cars to my country, I have the privilege of thoroughly testing them in stock form, as well as with the full set of option parts. I must say, more expensive doesn’t necessarily better. Don’t just rush out and get every single upgrade out there – as in some cases, the stock settings may be better. If you deck them out correctly, they’ll serve you very well and even win you some races here and there.

Some of the upgrades I covered in this video include:

– Aluminium Shock Tower
– Revised A-Arm Design for BSD Land Ripper 2
– Axle Extenders
– Anodized Steering Knuckles
– Steering Hub / Chassis Screws
– Steel Spur Gear
– BSD / Redcat Front Chassis Modification
– Steering Servo Upgrade
– Lipo Battery Configuration
– Loose Receiver Box Problem
– Monster Truck Wheels
– Truggy conversion for BSD / Redcat Racing

I also referenced the two websites for getting better screws:

I hope you find this video useful. Do drop me a comment if it helped you out. If you have any questions on BSD or Redcat cars, feel free to ask me anything as well.

Peace out!

RC Tips & Reviews @
By Julian Wong a.k.a. The Professional Bum.

  1. Ananth says:

    Hi where to buy redcat RC cars in Singapore.

  2. Isa says:

    Hello I have got Hurricane XTR and im tierd of looking around i want to make it faster just cant and dont know what to get for it could u help plz?

    • Hurricane XTR is a good car.

      the stock SH 21 P3 engine has a very low top end RPM of 28,000. i don’t think you will have troubles with the acceleration and punch, but it is not a fast engine at full throttle.

      Get something else from Alpha Racing, or SH Competition series, or GO Engines, that gives you a top rev band of 35,000-40,000 RPM.

  3. wayne says:

    were can i find parts for my 1/5 scale BSD RACING truggy

  4. Cameron says:

    Where can i get an original 9kg servo.

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