Latest Update on the HPI Savage XS Flus of 2011!

Posted: June 9, 2011 in HPI, Hpi Savage Option Part Modifications
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The Mini Savage Brushless 1:12 finally gained a name! Fresh of the pan from HPI, it has been confirmed that this will be called the Savage XS Flux. Hopefully, this will come off the production line out to the shelves of your local hobby shop before year end.

New for 2011: Hpi Savage XS Flux

New for 2011: Hpi Savage XS Flux

Effectively, this completes the family of Savages, adding a smaller sibling to the existing Savage X, and Savage XL. However, there is still an open possibility for a fifth-scale Savage XX, adding onto the 1/5 scale HPI produce which currently only features the Baja lineup.

The Savage XS Flux will come as an RTR set, including a 2.4ghz waterproof receiver system, Flux brushless setup, with a top speed of 60mph on a 3S Lipo pack. However, the stock package is likely to come with either a 4200mah Nimh battery, or a 2S Lipo battery. HPI is going for a sub-US$300 price to make the Savage XS available to more hobbyists, and for Savage owners to afford yet another Savage into their home garage. The likely price will be US$269-299.

If you’ve been looking high and low for a teaser video on the Savage XS Flux in action, here it is:

If you watched the video, and you’re wondering if the rest of the electronics, like servos, are waterproof too. According to HPI USA, yes they are!

For my previous article on the Savage XS Flux, click here:



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