Bloated Lipo Packs

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Http:// Here’s an AcePow battery pack that gone bust.

Is that some micro circuitry beneath the yellow tape?

One pack’s bloated, while the other is still thin and flat. Within the hard case, they are held together with double-sided tape.

Another perspective shot of the bloated Lipo cell

Lipo Cell Internal Explosion

I think the Lipo cell had an internal explosion. That bloating is apparently gas. It happened spontaneously with an audible “pop”. This happened when I was trying to restore a low voltage cell to a chargeable voltage. Unfortunately, the cell must have been discharged too far. Even my attempts to refrigerate the cell after each hour of charge, it was not enough to help. As the cell exploded, one side of the hard case popped off.

AcePow 3200mah 20C 7.4v 2S Lipo. Perhaps a higher C-rating pack wouldn’t bloat or explode like this. Thankfully, it was well contained in a Lipo Charge Bag which was specially designed to safely contain Lipo failure.


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