Henglong TT01 “Aluminium Edition”

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Http://hpisavagex46.wordpress.com. Henglong Electronics Corp of China, a large producer of RC cars and tanks released their “Aluminium Edition” of the ever-popular Tamiya TT01. Many hop ups come as standard feature on this bastardization. Do observe the pictures that follow:

Kit comes with a Nissan Skyline GTR body. The body mounts are a centimeter forward than what it should be, and that causes the wheel arches to catch the tyres on full lock turning. I’m done some body adjustments with curved scissors to rectify this.

Aluminium threaded oil-filled shocks and AM Digital Proportional Controller that seems to be a copy of the Hitec Aggressor SRX

Hardened steel pinion and spur gear. Will need some breaking in to get a better roll. 400-size 3000kv Brushless motor.

Another view of the suspension and transmission assembly.

5mm thick stainless centre drive shaft. I doubt this will ever break! You can also see the 40A Brushless ESC here. It supports 6-9 cell Nicd or NiMHs, or 2-3 cell Lipo packs.


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