Trinity’s Lipo Warmer Draws Flak…

Posted: July 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Latest Trinity Lipo Warmer? Never, ever, mess with Lipo Batteries unless you want this to happen:

Not cool! Weren’t you told about keeping your packs to a good temperature? Lipo packs, are the most likely of all batteries to spontaneously combust or degrade when improperly used. What on earth was Trinity thinking when they released their “Lipo Warmer”?

Trinity Lipo Warmer

Trinity Lipo Warmer

BigsquidRC’s Cub Reporter had this to comment:

Wow, even I didn’t think Trinity was going to catch the backlash that they are with their Li-po warmer. That thing might not (read- should not) make it to dealer shelves. Who was the brain surgeon that put the warm-up temp at 140 degrees? Achtung- you really want to avoid 140 or greater temps with lithium based batteries. Yet, they are making a device that purposely warms them to a borderline temp? I don’t think even Johnnie Cochran would take the defense on this one. Oh have the mighty have fallen, just how much lower can they go?

Btw, there is only two ways of stopping all this bulls**t Li-po warming, bumping, tap-shorting, ect. Eliminate the need for trying to enhance the output of these cells. How do you do that? First, eliminate cell count limits, ie- make 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S LEGAL. Secondly, eliminate all this spec motor bulls**t. If open Kv motors are run, there is No Need to warm/bump/tap Li-po batteries. So if you are a sanctioning body, and you have some stupid 2S cell count limit and .5 turn spec rules, YOU are the ones to blame for all the dangerous crap racers are doing to their Li-po’s. Step up to the plate, make the smart choice and change the rules before somebody’s track gets burnt to the ground (maybe with some of your “members” inside of it).

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