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by Julian Wong

Usually, for $169.00, you can only get a drift car platform without radio or electronics. Other than in the case of a close-out sale, you probably can’t even get an 1/10 Drift Car RTR. Even if you could, it’s probably going to be brushed, with an obsolete AM radio.

With HPI, Tamiya and Yokomo dominating the RC Drift Car segment, it seems like the eager budget-conscious drifter has NO CHANCE…. until now!

Exceed RC Drift King Brushless - Green

Exceed RC Drift King Brushless - Green (Click Picture for Purchase Details)

Enter Exceed RC by NitroRCX and their Drift Car offering – the Brushless MadSpeed Drift King 1/10 drift car. As Exceed RC has always done, Drift King’s chassis borrows technologies from the best cars in it’s class and put them all in one affordable, durable package, with a level of performance one can only be proud of.

Exceed RC Drift King Brushless - Silver

Exceed RC Drift King Brushless - Silver (Click Picture for Purchase Details)

This brushless edition of the successful MadSpeed Drift King comes with a highly-detailed factory painted body that even added side mirrors, rear wing, and a chrome exhaust. Unlike it’s brushless brother, the Drift Star, this Drift King also has LED lights to illuminate your sun-down RC drifting action!

Exceed RC Drift King Brushless - Red (Click Picture to View Purchase Details)

Exceed RC Drift King Brushless - Red (Click Picture to View Purchase Details)

Here are some of the specifications and features from


  • Unique centralized low center of gravity design
  • Detailed side-view mirrors, wheels, wing and exhaust
  • Street-ready detailed drift body
  • CNC aluminum upper deck
  • CNC aluminum center drive
  • CNC aluminum motor mount
  • Durable oil filled shock
  • 2.4Ghz Pistol Transmitter Radio Control
  • Exceed RC electronic speed control with 380 3000KV brushless motor
  • 3KG High-Torque steering servo
  • Foam bumper for added protection when drifting
  • Easy access front and rear ball differentials

Type: 4WD Electric Drift Car
Scale: 1/10
Length: 17.32 in (440mm)
Width: 7.48 in (190mm)
Wheelbase: 10.20 in (259mm)
Weight: 3.3 lb (1496.g)
Chassis: Molded composite
Suspension: Independent
Tire Type: Drifting rubber
Motor or Engine: High-performance 380 3000KV motor
Speed Control: Hobbywing 35A ESC
Radio: 2.4Ghz Pistol radio system
Servos: high-torque steering servo
Shock Type: Aluminum, coil-over oil filled
Body: Prepainted Drift King body
Ball Bearings: Complete
Battery: 7.2v Ni-MH 1800mAh

If you’re looking for a high-quality Electric 1/10 Scale Brushless Drifting Car for under $170, this has to be it. Do check out by clicking any of these hyperlinks. They occasionally have great discounts where you can make additional RC shopping savings, like on “Father’s Day”, “Black Holiday”, “Good Friday” and “Christmas”.

“Extreme Has No Limits” – it seems that NitroRCX and Exceed RC have just broke the price norms yet again when they pulled out this winner. Get one or regret it !

by Julian Wong Here’s my no-BS review of the BSD / Redcat Racing cars’ optional upgrades. If you happen to get hold of a car or truck by BSD / Redcat Racng, congratulations, as you’ve just picked up one of the fastest machines around. In this video, I’m gonna show you which upgrades work, which ones are a waste of money, and some additional tips to make your car run better and last through bashing better.

The tips here apply to all the BSD Racing 1/8 Scale Cars, i.e. the Land Ripper, the BS809T, the BS807T, the BS802T, the BS808T, etc, the Redcat Backdraft 3.5, 8E, Aftershock 8E, 3.5, Earthquake 8E, 3.5.

Being an importer of these cars to my country, I have the privilege of thoroughly testing them in stock form, as well as with the full set of option parts. I must say, more expensive doesn’t necessarily better. Don’t just rush out and get every single upgrade out there – as in some cases, the stock settings may be better. If you deck them out correctly, they’ll serve you very well and even win you some races here and there.

Some of the upgrades I covered in this video include:

– Aluminium Shock Tower
– Revised A-Arm Design for BSD Land Ripper 2
– Axle Extenders
– Anodized Steering Knuckles
– Steering Hub / Chassis Screws
– Steel Spur Gear
– BSD / Redcat Front Chassis Modification
– Steering Servo Upgrade
– Lipo Battery Configuration
– Loose Receiver Box Problem
– Monster Truck Wheels
– Truggy conversion for BSD / Redcat Racing

I also referenced the two websites for getting better screws:

I hope you find this video useful. Do drop me a comment if it helped you out. If you have any questions on BSD or Redcat cars, feel free to ask me anything as well.

Peace out!

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By Julian Wong a.k.a. The Professional Bum. Have you been looking around to find out the manufacturer behind Redcat Racing’s latest 2wd Brushless Buggy, the Twister XB? I might just have the answer for you.

The proof is in the pictures. The following are all pictures of China’s Himoto Racing 1/10 Brushless 2wd Buggy.

Himoto Brushless 2wd Buggy or Redcat Twister XB?
Himoto Brushless 2wd Buggy or Redcat Twister XB?
Back View of the Twister XB, ahem... I meant Himoto 2wd

Back View of the Twister XB, ahem... I meant Himoto 2wd

Himoto Brushless 2wd with 2.4ghz Radio

Himoto Brushless 2wd with 2.4ghz Radio

Beneath the Body Shell : Himoto 2wd Brushless / Redcat Twister XB

Beneath the Body Shell : Himoto 2wd Brushless / Redcat Twister XB

Price-wise, this has a street price of $10-30 US less than the RedCat Racing re-branded model.

If you still carry the slightest bit of doubt, Alishanmao, the tech representative of Redcat Racing, used to represent Possibly, he still works for RCToyHouse, or, there could even be a similar ownership to the two RC online firms! In any case, have a look at this picture. It should put many doubts to rest.

	Barebone Chassis Frame Himoto Viper HI6103 HSP 94188 RC Nitro Truck Redcat Volcano S30

Barebone Chassis Frame Himoto Viper HI6103 HSP 94188 RC Nitro Truck Redcat Volcano S30

So you see? They’re mentioned in the same breath! One more thing… going from the text… it seems that Himoto IS HSP Racing, and the “Pro” Redcat Hurricane XTR could be the HSP Bazooka, a.k.a. Kyosho Inferno MP7.5 copycat! This car has actually been out on the market for over 3 years now. While many have slimed it as everyone elses’ (the big-name companies) copy-cat, a large camp of 1/8 nitro buggy followers out there hail it as innovative car ahead of its time.

Dubbed as the Z-Car, the ZMXB-8 originates from none other than Golden Lion Enterprise Co Ltd a.k.a. SH Engines’ sister company, Zan Ma Racing. SH Engines is also the biggest RC engine producer in the Republics of China, and are reputed for high performance and responsiveness at a low cost. Apparently, story has it that this buggy sells for under US$200 in some places in China!

I’ll be writing more on this buggy, but in the meantime, do enjoy this video.

Video Description:


­ 的なRrサスレイアウト、ブレーキレイアウト&キャリパー、スターハブ、HOBAOやTRF801程ではないが傾斜したエンジン、高速FINAL ギア&1次減速をLow ratioとし軽量化を図るあたりはGood Designでライトウエイトシャシも相まってJUMPも軽い感じです。足のジオメトリーはイジリ代が多す ぎて思案中です。エンジンはHOBAO HYPER21で完全台湾車?です。
(Retrieval word)

Http:// Here’s my 2nd hand Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI WC. I bought it as a race-roller. It had lots of expensive mods already on it- all it requires for operation was a receiver, a new powerplant and exhaust muffler. As a big supporter of China-designed and manufactured products, I went for a Flysky GR3C receiver, the Taiwanese SH Engine PT28 XM-P8, and Jammin JP-4 exhaust kit by Hong Nor. Check out the video for features and list of mods. This setup should be strong enough to repeat XxxMain’s record house-jumping. What sets this apart from Redcats is how well this well holds up on nosedive crashes from hardcore bashing as well as very precise wheel camber adjustments for sharp responsive turning.

Http:// Here is my BSD Land Ripper Nitro a.k.a. Redcat Backdraft 3.5. The control you see is a Flysky FS-GT3B. This is a newly broken in Land Ripper. Filmed in Chacheongsao, Thailand. Still running a little rich on HSN to keep temperatures down. The body designers sure did a good aerodynamic design but didn’t factor in air flow for cooling. Hence, I reamed out a honeycomb pattern on the windscreen and side windows. As the engine warmed up to operating temp toward the end of the video, my IPhone ran out of memory. It took several pulls to start as there was some vapor lock from a previous run. This car accelerates comparably with the Land Ripper or Backdraft 8E as it’s considerably lighter in overall weight. Body shells come in Red or Blue, wheels come in Yellow, Black or White. Stock setup comes with SH21 pullstart engine and FlySky FS-GT2 2.4ghz controller. I can do a package deal that includes all the spares you’ll need, like arms, arm carriers, front chasis, bulkhead, diff gear, spur gear, wheels.

via SH ENGINES / 佶宏實業.

SH .28 Engine PT28XM1-P8

Be afraid… be very afraid… The PT28XM1-P8 by SH Engines is one mean engine that should have been branded something else. The “SH” branding sounds way too modest for something it’s caliber. A rich hobbyist could possibly found a brand on this engine and actually get away with it.

Suppose, we call this the Demon Engines’ Speed 28 XPR… That’s alot more likely than its current too-convenient label (rather than a name) that doesn’t tell you anything other than it being a .28-sized engine.

SH PT28XM1-P8 Piston Sleeve

PT28XM1-P8 Engine

SH engines are touted to be extremely powerful and reliable in their class, and this model is no different. The 4.57cc 8-port big block offroad buggy/truggy engine also features a high maximum RPM of 36,000, and a whopping 4.0 horse power. That not only means a high maximum power, but a high top-speed too. Just for comparison, the HPI Nitrostar 4.6 on the HPI Savage X only generates 1.9hp @ 28,000 RPM – but it’s also that low because it’s supposed to be for high torque. However, the SH .28 truck engine produces 3.3hp @ 28,000 RPM, hence hobbyists are going SH. The PT28XM1-P8 is currently the flagship range-topping engine by the Taiwan RC engine manufacturer.

I recently won an Ebay auction for this engine at a rock-bottom price, and I’m certainly looking forward to receiving it. This will be the new power plant on the Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI I took over from a friend. I support Asian RC products.

Http:// This setting-sun shot almost looks computer-illustrated doesn’t it? Here’s the BSD Racing BS802T Land Ripper Nitro or what u might know as Redcat Backdraft 3.5. If you’re wondering, the thing sticking out is the suspension “I-arm”. Thanks Kelvin for the great Pro-Line touring car slicks. Very good road-holding. Changed a steering knuckle AGAIN… Because the threads were worn I guess, and the bottom securing screw kept loosening and dropping out. This was a fun filler between tennis lessons I give to my students of

Http:// Wanna improve your BSD Land Ripper Nitro or Backdraft 3.5? Change your shock posts to the aluminum ones for more rigidity. Change your shocks to the full-body alum alloy ones. They compress and reform so much better. Changed the steering knuckles and lower suspension arm carriers to alloy too. Change the air filter. I’ve switched to a Thunder Tiger large intake dual element one for their .28 engines. Stock is Single element (see previous post), which kinds sucks. Besides, the stock filter’s yellow pipe was melting and yellow goop was oozing down toward the carb…. Dangerous! I also changed the fuel line as there was a defect resulting air being drawn into the line, causing in air bubbles that cause engine stalling, especially during the break in stage.

Looks more like a racer now than the “entry-level” nitro cars Redcats are supposed to be. I’ve also re-binded the stock receiver to a new Fly-Sky GT3B Digital Proportional professional gun transmitter