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Http:// Here is the Byron Race Gen 2. I must say it’s one of the BEST r/c fuel I’ve ever tried. It’s right up there with Cosmo’s Dirt Special, which I use in Thailand. The key features are easy one-pull starting, cool running, great acceleration, and fuel economy. Basically that’s everything an RC enthusiast can ask for! The engine ran a good 12 degrees Celsius (31.8 degrees Fahrenheit) lower than a similar needle setting with Morgan Racing Sidewinder fuel. I also experienced no “vapor lock”, unlike with the Morgan Sidewinder. Running time was also a good 20% more I think. I discovered this fuel by chance as I forgot to bring fuel out today, hence I got a half gallon from S’wan Model Trading @ Orchard Plaza, Singapore. Neither Taiseng nor Rotor Hobby carried the 1/2 gallon size. I think I’ll be sticking with Byron and Cosmo for now. Way better than Sidewinder. Trinity’s buggy fuel is pretty good for starting too… But overall doesn’t measure up to this.

Byron Race Gen 2

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