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If I said anything good about this fuel before, I take it back.


Robert Raphael's Hong Nor Buggy on Morgan SideWinder Fuel

Robert Raphael's Hong Nor Buggy on Morgan SideWinder Fuel - I bet the fuel was doctored. It's so crap. He might have done even better with a different brand of fuel.

Overheating, bubbles in fuel line, vapor-lock… and I don’t think I need a fourth reason on why not to use Morgan Racing’s Sidewinder Car Fuel.

“Take Morgan Racing for their helicopter fuel – but look elsewhere if you’re serious on RC cars. We’ve had much bad feedback from customers on this brand. They’re no good for your engines,” said Winnie who owns a popular local hobby shop.

Perhaps that’s why my HPI Savage X 4.6 has been running rather crappy as of late.

On the other hand, Byron’s Nitro RC car fuel was awesome! Easy starting, no bubbles in fuel line, engine runs cooler, so less vapor lock, and I get to tune the engine mixture leaner – more fuel economy!

Winnie shared that Byron Race Fuel has always specialized in fuel for Nitro cars and she’s since ditched Morgan Racing fuel from her product line-up.

While I haven’t ditched mine yet, I’m keeping my Byron and Blue Thunder fuel for actual car running, and the Morgan Racing Sidewinder just for cleaning the air filter element.




Do you have a nitro RC car and looking to join a large competition? You’ll need to ensure that your car is using a compliant type of tuned exhaust pipe.

The European Federation of Radio-operated Model Automobiles (EFRA) publishes an annual listing of approved RC exhaust pipes and their EFRA numbers so that racers may pick the right stock before going for a major race event

Generally, EFRA hopes to reduce and regulate the noise levels of mufflers on the market. I understand that the current direction of EFRA 3000 series are for triple chamber exhausts which produce less noise as compared to the preceding two-chamber 2000 series.  Do be warned of possible power drops – but this is ultimately for the good spread of the hobby.

Some 2000 series pipes are still allowed. Make sure you check this list first before committing yourself. You may do so at the following link. Thinking of putting your RC car away for a period of non-use? Be sure to expel any remnant fuel as un-combusted castor oil parts of fuel mixture can congeal and harden, and in some cases even “brick” your engine. If you’re wondering why your engine can be harder to start after a week or two of non-use, this is the reason why. While I do also have a video entitled “How to Save A Locked RC Buggy / Plane / Heli Engine?” which addresses how to fix that, you don’t want to get to that point unnecessarily.

In this video, I have a Kyosho Inferno running a Thunder Tiger Pro 21BR non-pull-start engine, BSD Racing glow-plug metered ignitor and using a Thunder Tiger hand-held starter.

Follow the instructions in the video, and also invest in some after-run engine oil, or “Marvel Mystery Oil”. Treat your nitro engine well, and it’ll serve you well for a long time to come.

Check out my blog for more tips and RC reviews.

– Julian Wong
for Heya… Just chillin’ here at Segar Road Offroad RC Track opposite my new apartment. Race training session got shortened by a burnt centre differential, so just made this vlog post to pass time and share with you on my good ol’ Kyosho Inferno DX, the progress on my revenge plans against the folks at Toykar Singapore Pte Ltd, and the course here for any racer / basher / enthusiast who’d like to know. Check out my blog at, just put a post up on chicks in RC, RC babes and girls with RC cars. Will soon be updating on the RCX 2011 which will be happening this month.

Tower Hobbies
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Win a $10,000 fully-modded, custom built HPI Baja 5T for doing a good deed? Thanks to the people behind RCX 2011 Expo, Baja Addicts, TGN Distributing and all the sponsors for this custom build. Simply by donating $2 to the American Red Cross Services, plus a 10-cent admin fee, this work of wonder can be yours! The more you donate, the more chances you have in this raffle draw. This is ALSO open to International Hobbyists – just take heed to foot the shipping bill if you win. I’ve already donated. Full details beneath the event flyer below….

Via American Red Cross Baja Addicts Raffle

Donate $2 to win a $10,000 fully-modded, custom-built HPI Baja 5T!

Donate $2 to win a $10,000 fully-modded, custom-built HPI Baja 5T!

Details as follows:

Grand Prize: $10,000 Custom RTR HPI Baja 5T

First Prize: HPI RTR 1/12th Mini Trophy Truck

Baja Addicts 1/5th scale RC web forum, together with its members and business sponsors, have built a Custom $10,000 RTR HPI Baja 5T to be raffled off by the American Red Cross at this year’s RCX Expo March 19-20th in Pomona California. All proceeds from ticket sales to benefit the American Red Cross Services for Armed Forces.

This RTR HPI Baja 5T is loaded with a massive amount of aftermarket parts and accessories coupled together with an extremely elaborate custom paint job and full mod 4-bolt 27.2cc race engine.

Together with TGN Distributing we are offering ticket pre-sales prior to the RCX Expo for those who can’t attend the show. For $2 and a $.10 transaction fee TGN Distributing will purchase a ticket(s) for you from the American Red Cross the opening morning of the show. Your TGN distributing invoice # will be used to cross reference winning tickets.

Tickets are available now through March 7th 2011 and may also be purchased in person at the RCX 2011 Radio Control Expo.

Pictures of the actual items to be raffled off will be available here shortly.

Baja Addicts will pay shipping to the Lower 48 states. Any winner outside of the lower 48 states will be responsible for shipping charges to your destination and/or any international import taxes. Winners to be announced within 7 days of the close of the RCX show.

If you would like more information about this event or have questions or comments please feel free to email the event coordinator

“Baja Addicts web forum is open to registered users 18 years of age and older.”
** UPDATED 2-18-2011**

Fourth Prize: Bartolone Racing Afterburner Pipe

Fifth Prize: Bartolone Racing 5B Side Mount Pipe

** UPDATED 2-18-2011**


Sneak Peak images of the custom painted body my MR Painting.

Also see concept drawing of the custom Shockwears being made for this special build donated by Outerwears.

** UPDATE 2-16-2011 **

An additional prize has been donated to the raffle, the fine folks over at Castle Creationshave donated a HPI baja Brushless Conversion Kit.

This raffle is over the top! Hope you dont miss out on it, time is running out. Purchase your tickets NOW! CLICK HERE!

** UPDATE 2-14-2011 **

New sponsors

Second Prize: Rc-Skin Helical gear set (for TR clutch)

11,12,13mm pre set rear turnbuckles

HD Dogbones

2 speed shock pistons

Shock covers

Also Donated for the build:

Outerwears with custom filters and shock covers

Hitec with 2.4ghz 3 channel radio steering and throttle servo

RCP with Tripp TT wide body (so winner can do their own paint job)

FullForce Rc with Fuel line kit, Spring spacers extended, Billet side pins

** UPDATE 2-12-2011 **

Raffle gains publicity by being posted on the new blog formatted RC Car Action website. Thanks RCCA! See you at RCX 2011!

Interested? Do a good deed and receive some good Baja- Oops! I meant, Karma, by clicking HERE!

by Julian Wong @

Looking for places to buy RC parts or where to race or bash in Thailand? RC Racing Radio Control Magazine indexes all of these, complete with website references so that you may scout online for info on RC tracks in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and other parts of thailand. This current issue Vol 73/2011 also features the new FRC, or “Fashion RC” track in Srinakarin, Bangkok which comes complete with an on-road track, dining, and a RC pro shop.

You may pick up a copy of RC Racing, Radio Control Magazine at all good news stands and bookshops in Thailand.

– Julian

Picture of the week! A sprained right wrist did not stop this enthusiast from his weekend of Short Course Truck racing at the Segar RC Track. Click RC Team Segar’s Photos – SCTs to see more pics from this album on their Facebook page.

RC Racing with a sprained wrist | Spektrum DX3R | RC Team Segar

RC Racing with a sprained wrist | Spektrum DX3R | RC Team Segar

One of the greatest joys in RC racing and bashing is knowing that you have THE most “Bad-ass”, “Pimped out” ride there is. This ain’t my HPI Savage X 4.6. I could only wish that this was available at the time I was shopping about. What you’d be looking at in the following pictures could be the most highly-modded Savage X 4.6 you’d ever see. This has got so much after-market parts on this that it makes the Savage X SS look like a toy. It’s a TANK! Best part, it’s mint condition. “Has never seen fuel” as the owner says.

The owner is looking to let go for $900, or to trade for a good electric 1/8 buggy. Find out more by viewing the thread on, at the following link:


Kick-Ass Highly-Modded HPI Savage X For Sale or Trade



Kick-Ass Highly-Modded HPI Savage X For Sale or Trade



Kick-Ass Highly-Modded HPI Savage X For Sale or Trade





Kick-Ass Highly-Modded HPI Savage X For Sale or Trade


Here is a list of all the mods on it:

HPI F4.6 Engine with Pullstart

JRZ9000S Steering Servo

JRZ590M Throttle Servo

1/8th Scale Throttle Mod

HPI Tuned Pipe

HPI CVD’s all around with 17mm Hexes

HPI Aluminum Shocks with Piggybacks

HPI Hardened Diff Outdrives

HPI Dual Disk Brakes

RDLogic Aluminum Fuel Tank

6mm Chassis Plates

HD Aluminum Shock Towers

Aluminum Hub Carriers and Steering Blocks(front and rear)

Integy Engine Heatsink Plate

Carbon Fiber Body Posts

Aluminum Fuel Tank Mounts

Stainless Steel Screws

Steering Rack Bearing Upgrade

Integy HD Engine Mount

Integy Lower Chassis Plate Supports

Savage XL Steel Spur Gear

Axial Oversized Beadlock Black Chrome Rims

Proline Big Joes 40 Series Tires

via Highly Modded Savage X – R/C Tech Forums.

OMG! It’s only been a few years on from the time I graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and it now seems that there is a “Ngee Ann Polytechnic Radio Control Club”! How cool is that! I first stumbled across that when Youtube surfing, and I came across this video:

And that’s not the only one… Even “CTV” or rather, Ngee Ann Poly’s “Campus TV” produced a capsule program on the activity. According to the video’s dialogue, the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Radio Control Club even put up a booth at the school’s Co-Curricular Activities Fair. Darn… I’m jealous!

Cheesy shitty moronic music… as what was usual to CTV during my time taking my diploma in Mass Communications at the campus from 2001-2004.

Nonetheless, if you’re in Ngee Ann Polytechnic or keen to enrol there, you could get in touch with them via their blog:

Ngee Ann Radio Control Club

Ngee Ann Radio Control Club


Or this Facebook Page:

NPRCD (Ngee Ann Poly remote control Drifters)
NPRCD (Ngee Ann Poly remote control Drifters)!/group.php?gid=109514052420037