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If you dislike skateboarders, you’ll love this video. Youtuber “Bugzrrad” filmed as his brother did the awesome “Money Shot”, of a Traxxas Slash Brushless flying up a ramp and crashing into nosy skateboarder-bystander in the balls. Score 1 for RC car hobbyists! Turf war!

*Note: These comments do not represent thoughts of the video’s originator, but instead, my frustrations at some boorish skateboarders out there.

RC Car Hits Boy In The Nuts!


My wife was telling me something, but I happened to be watching this and I just burst out laughing midway (yea… she wasn’t too pleased on that)! This video is freakin’ hilarious! I’m sure it must have hurt.. but it’s just so funny!

I’m sure these two turds (one filming, one controlling the plane) had planned to punk their friend. You can just see that it’s so deliberate! Jerks!

Another RC Accident video… enjoy!

Well, almost…The controller did do a rather good job of chasing down the bird though.

Nope, I haven’t gotten interested in RC Planes… but, I don’t know.. I’ve had a fairly rough week and just get some catharsis watching people, birds, and things getting hit by radio controlled vehicles.

More to come….

Http:// There’s some chance of reviving this after all. Will be taking apart the centre differential for inspection when I have time this evening if Chantelle is well behaved. Hopefully its a loose part. If not, i hope its a generic gear. If need be, i hope to replace with a centre diff from the Thunder Tiger EB4 SX3, or BSD Racing. Still gearing up for the grudge match. Hopefully with this car. I think it may need a bigger or better powerplant though. The LSN is well tuned but I am not getting good low end torque from the current Thunder Tiger Pro 21BR, compared to my friend’s O.S. Speed engine. I like supporting the budding Asian companies, so i’d be looking at a SH 21 6-port turbo, or SH 28 8-port Offroad Competition engine. I’ll be receiving my BSD BS802T or Redcat Backdraft 3.5 Nitro in a day’s time. That comes with a SH 3-port buggy engine. I’m quite keen to test and review that. Then, I’ll effectively have two 1/8 racing buggies from BSD Racing, one GP, one EP. In the same shipment, I’ll be receiving several sets of Flysky GT3B (I know…like finally). One’s mine, some will be for friend’s pre-orders, and the rest will be sold off online.

BSD Racing Front Suspension Post

These are the after-market aluminum alloy mods. Fits all 1/10 and 1/8 scale BSD Racing and several models on the Redcat Racing range.