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Http:// An IFMAR-approved and EFRA-homogulated pipe does not have to come at a high price. In a market spoilt by the sky high prices of approved pipes by OS Engines, Nosram, Nova Rossi or LRP. The Jammin JP-4 EFRA-2062 pipe is available for less than $100. In fact, less than even $80. Yet, it shares all the great pluses and even has a reinforced exhaust outlet to guard against hard, bad landings that may wreck another pipe altogether.

This is because EFRA classifies not by make or model, but by exhaust shape. This means pipes from different manufacturers sharing the same EFRA number do share the same features. The Jammin JP-4 EFRA-2062 manifold by Hong Nor Racing was designed for high torque and high rpm – just what buggy and truggy racers need to win.

This is going to join my SH 28 8-port racing engine on my second-hand Inferno MP9 TKI