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The Mini Savage Brushless 1:12 finally gained a name! Fresh of the pan from HPI, it has been confirmed that this will be called the Savage XS Flux. Hopefully, this will come off the production line out to the shelves of your local hobby shop before year end.

New for 2011: Hpi Savage XS Flux

New for 2011: Hpi Savage XS Flux

Effectively, this completes the family of Savages, adding a smaller sibling to the existing Savage X, and Savage XL. However, there is still an open possibility for a fifth-scale Savage XX, adding onto the 1/5 scale HPI produce which currently only features the Baja lineup.

The Savage XS Flux will come as an RTR set, including a 2.4ghz waterproof receiver system, Flux brushless setup, with a top speed of 60mph on a 3S Lipo pack. However, the stock package is likely to come with either a 4200mah Nimh battery, or a 2S Lipo battery. HPI is going for a sub-US$300 price to make the Savage XS available to more hobbyists, and for Savage owners to afford yet another Savage into their home garage. The likely price will be US$269-299.

If you’ve been looking high and low for a teaser video on the Savage XS Flux in action, here it is:

If you watched the video, and you’re wondering if the rest of the electronics, like servos, are waterproof too. According to HPI USA, yes they are!

For my previous article on the Savage XS Flux, click here:



Following the successful Savage X 4.6 RTR’s 2011 new look (FOR A HIGHER PRICE), and the Baja 5SC SS, HPI went with the confidence plucked from the two market tests to create yet another spin-off, on one of the younger cars on the HPI lineup – the Blitz ESE, creating a “Pro” version.

The Savage and Baja platforms have been around for long enough to be regarded as pillars of the company and would stand strong so long bashers and fifth-scale pundits exist – no matter what HPI did with the former juggernaut, and the pioneering latter. The Blitz however, is a question mark. No doubt Short Course track racing quickly made its way to popularity over the last 20 months, I just wonder if HPI really thinks they have properly justified the $200 price hike on the preceeding Blitz ESE Kit. According to, which gets first-hand news on all that’s new in the RC bashers’ world, this new Blitz will cost US$469- just for a race-roller! However, Tower Hobbies merely lists this one at a $50 premium over the “lesser” one, at their low price of US$279.99

Let’s review some of the key changes in the Blitz ESE Pro to see how much “more” it is.

The new HPI Blitz ESE Pro Kit

The new HPI Blitz ESE Pro Kit

HPI Blitz ESE Pro Kit features MIP ball differential

HPI Blitz ESE Pro Kit features MIP ball differential

Genuine MIP Ball Differential

For lesser rolling resistance, silky smooth differential action and extra adjustability, HPI has since bumped up to the MIP ball differential as a stock feature on this ESE Pro kit.

HPI Blitz ESE Pro - New HPI MK8. V2 Wheels

HPI Blitz ESE Pro - New HPI MK8. V2 Wheels

New MK8. V2 Wheels

HPI has redesigned their MK8. V2 Wheels, and this time they come with a flat inner profile that uses a single foam insert.

HPI Blitz ESE Pro - Gear Housing Unit

HPI Blitz ESE Pro - Gear Housing Unit (Same as Blitz ESE)

No changes here….

HPI Blitz ESE Pro - Chasis Side View

HPI Blitz ESE Pro - Chasis Side View

No visible changes here either…

HPI Blitz ESE Pro - Chasis Top View

HPI Blitz ESE Pro - Chasis Top View

Nope… still can’t spot anything different.

Verdict: To Buy or Not to Buy?

It’s your call. If you’ve got cash to blow, then you should get this one over the old one. It’s definitely better. But if you ask me if it’s worth paying for though? Well, not at the MSRP of $469 it’s not. But if you get the Pro kit off Tower Hobbies at just a $40 premium over the old one, I think that’s well worth the new MIP differential, new wheels and tyres – because you’d probably spend that much anyway to get it to a similar spec.

If you’re a racer but a basher, I suggest you go for the stock US$239 one. You won’t feel the difference. If you’re a racer though, you would need the extra speed, power transmission, as well as traction and road-holding the better MIP differential and new tyres can give you.

HPI-Hot Bodies HB CR8 - Revolution of the D8

HPI-Hot Bodies HB CR8 - Revolution of the D8 Hot Bodies’ Lead Designer Josh Alton takes you through the many changes and refinements in the successor to the winning D8, right here in the all new CR8 buggy.

Key features include:
– A narrower composite chassis reinforced with replaceable aluminum plates.
– Groove-less suspension arms
– Smaller, but stronger steering servo linkages
– World’s first front mud-guards
– Larger bearings for CVDs and wheel hubs
– and many more….

Watch the video to hear it from the Josh Alton himself!

Thanks to NeoBuggy for this video. They’ve been actively following the developments of HPI-Hot Bodies’ new “Secret Weapon” in this year’s upcoming big races.

I’ll soon be posting a report on all the changes on my RC blog at Stay tuned! No kidding! Real collisions we’re talking about here. There were not staged, but they happened to be caught on camera- and produced for viewing by the cool folks at XXX Main.

I recently got on this flaming war on Youtube with this dipshit “PurePCMandess” – I think he probably meant “PurePCMadness” but the moron just couldn’t spell. So there he was commenting on a video I watched, telling the Youtuber that he’d have stepped on all those RC Trucks had he been at the BMX tracks they’ve been practicing on. Like another Youtuber,  ImOn20thstair, I thought his remarks were uncalled for and I can imagine BenHaro had no other place to bash and empathised with his frustration.

Bashing with Hpi Savage on Sh 28 Pro Spec,

Bashing with Hpi Savage on Sh 28 Pro Spec,

So I happened to be googling randomly, and file I searched for some RC news to feature involving girls and rc cars, I came across the heading “Girl Hit By RC Car” on one of those rick-rolling spam, and found these videos on a later search. PurePCMandess is an avid BMX-er, so I told him, for all his remarks, he deserved experiencing this:

Girl OwNeD by RC TrUcK at BMX Track~ Kid Hit by RC Car


There was another video of similar nature, but not quite so funny if the man had not saved the little girl from the flying HPI Savage X.

Kid HIT by RC T-Maxx Monster Truck??? NiCe SaVe!

Go HPI Savage X 4.6!

– Julian Wong

Win a $10,000 fully-modded, custom built HPI Baja 5T for doing a good deed? Thanks to the people behind RCX 2011 Expo, Baja Addicts, TGN Distributing and all the sponsors for this custom build. Simply by donating $2 to the American Red Cross Services, plus a 10-cent admin fee, this work of wonder can be yours! The more you donate, the more chances you have in this raffle draw. This is ALSO open to International Hobbyists – just take heed to foot the shipping bill if you win. I’ve already donated. Full details beneath the event flyer below….

Via American Red Cross Baja Addicts Raffle

Donate $2 to win a $10,000 fully-modded, custom-built HPI Baja 5T!

Donate $2 to win a $10,000 fully-modded, custom-built HPI Baja 5T!

Details as follows:

Grand Prize: $10,000 Custom RTR HPI Baja 5T

First Prize: HPI RTR 1/12th Mini Trophy Truck

Baja Addicts 1/5th scale RC web forum, together with its members and business sponsors, have built a Custom $10,000 RTR HPI Baja 5T to be raffled off by the American Red Cross at this year’s RCX Expo March 19-20th in Pomona California. All proceeds from ticket sales to benefit the American Red Cross Services for Armed Forces.

This RTR HPI Baja 5T is loaded with a massive amount of aftermarket parts and accessories coupled together with an extremely elaborate custom paint job and full mod 4-bolt 27.2cc race engine.

Together with TGN Distributing we are offering ticket pre-sales prior to the RCX Expo for those who can’t attend the show. For $2 and a $.10 transaction fee TGN Distributing will purchase a ticket(s) for you from the American Red Cross the opening morning of the show. Your TGN distributing invoice # will be used to cross reference winning tickets.

Tickets are available now through March 7th 2011 and may also be purchased in person at the RCX 2011 Radio Control Expo.

Pictures of the actual items to be raffled off will be available here shortly.

Baja Addicts will pay shipping to the Lower 48 states. Any winner outside of the lower 48 states will be responsible for shipping charges to your destination and/or any international import taxes. Winners to be announced within 7 days of the close of the RCX show.

If you would like more information about this event or have questions or comments please feel free to email the event coordinator

“Baja Addicts web forum is open to registered users 18 years of age and older.”
** UPDATED 2-18-2011**

Fourth Prize: Bartolone Racing Afterburner Pipe

Fifth Prize: Bartolone Racing 5B Side Mount Pipe

** UPDATED 2-18-2011**


Sneak Peak images of the custom painted body my MR Painting.

Also see concept drawing of the custom Shockwears being made for this special build donated by Outerwears.

** UPDATE 2-16-2011 **

An additional prize has been donated to the raffle, the fine folks over at Castle Creationshave donated a HPI baja Brushless Conversion Kit.

This raffle is over the top! Hope you dont miss out on it, time is running out. Purchase your tickets NOW! CLICK HERE!

** UPDATE 2-14-2011 **

New sponsors

Second Prize: Rc-Skin Helical gear set (for TR clutch)

11,12,13mm pre set rear turnbuckles

HD Dogbones

2 speed shock pistons

Shock covers

Also Donated for the build:

Outerwears with custom filters and shock covers

Hitec with 2.4ghz 3 channel radio steering and throttle servo

RCP with Tripp TT wide body (so winner can do their own paint job)

FullForce Rc with Fuel line kit, Spring spacers extended, Billet side pins

** UPDATE 2-12-2011 **

Raffle gains publicity by being posted on the new blog formatted RC Car Action website. Thanks RCCA! See you at RCX 2011!

Interested? Do a good deed and receive some good Baja- Oops! I meant, Karma, by clicking HERE!

via LSN unboxes the HPI Baja 5SC-SS. 1/5 Radio Control Kit

The HPI Baja 5SC-SS, picture from LSN

The HPI Baja 5SC-SS, picture from LSN

Hey everyone.. Here’s the latest SS Baja-line kit from HPI Racing. Following the current Short Course Truck-fever, HPI decided to put out an “SS” version for their Baja 5SC which debuted just last Christmas. All HPI products marked as “SS” mean they require self-assembly. The SS kits also come with many items often sold as after-market options for their RTR sets. This comes as a boon to hop-up fanatics as the SS kit would allow them to incorporate the gazillion Baja option parts into their 5SC right from the building process. As HPI Racing’s Baja line is well regarded for its durability in bashing, stock parts are in good demand, and kit purchasers will be able to easily recoup costs for unused parts on EBay or Amazon.

HPI Racing Baja 5SC-SS Unboxed!

HPI Racing Baja 5SC-SS Unboxed!

If you’ve never owned a 1/5 scale kit, and keen to explore owning one, this video by the folks at Large Scale News will give you a good idea of what to expect on your order.

– Julian Wong