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If I said anything good about this fuel before, I take it back.


Robert Raphael's Hong Nor Buggy on Morgan SideWinder Fuel

Robert Raphael's Hong Nor Buggy on Morgan SideWinder Fuel - I bet the fuel was doctored. It's so crap. He might have done even better with a different brand of fuel.

Overheating, bubbles in fuel line, vapor-lock… and I don’t think I need a fourth reason on why not to use Morgan Racing’s Sidewinder Car Fuel.

“Take Morgan Racing for their helicopter fuel – but look elsewhere if you’re serious on RC cars. We’ve had much bad feedback from customers on this brand. They’re no good for your engines,” said Winnie who owns a popular local hobby shop.

Perhaps that’s why my HPI Savage X 4.6 has been running rather crappy as of late.

On the other hand, Byron’s Nitro RC car fuel was awesome! Easy starting, no bubbles in fuel line, engine runs cooler, so less vapor lock, and I get to tune the engine mixture leaner – more fuel economy!

Winnie shared that Byron Race Fuel has always specialized in fuel for Nitro cars and she’s since ditched Morgan Racing fuel from her product line-up.

While I haven’t ditched mine yet, I’m keeping my Byron and Blue Thunder fuel for actual car running, and the Morgan Racing Sidewinder just for cleaning the air filter element.