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If you’re keen to know how “Tacon” motors perform, you’ve come to the right place. Tacon… where are they from? I presume they’re from Taiwan or China along with Hobbywing. They’re inexpensive, and yet, have some pretty mean power for a small price.

Here’s a video review of the Tacon 3650, 3200kv motor by Ultimate RC.

For those new to brushless motors and wonder what the motor sizes mean… basically, the first two numbers refer to motor diameter, while the latter two numbers refer to length. A D: 36mm, L: 50mm dimension would conform to a true 540 spec motor size. While a 3660 motor which translates to D: 36mm, L: 60mm would mean a 540L size. Longer can basically.

The reviewer also noted that unlike the comparable Hobbywing 3650 motor, the Tacon one is true to it’s can size. In the case of Hobbywing’s motor, the heat cooling fins take up considerable space, and translate to it being of a smaller true size. So, going by Tacon’s naming convention, the Hobbywing ones should be labeled 2850 instead.