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Http:// Here’s my 2nd hand Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI WC. I bought it as a race-roller. It had lots of expensive mods already on it- all it requires for operation was a receiver, a new powerplant and exhaust muffler. As a big supporter of China-designed and manufactured products, I went for a Flysky GR3C receiver, the Taiwanese SH Engine PT28 XM-P8, and Jammin JP-4 exhaust kit by Hong Nor. Check out the video for features and list of mods. This setup should be strong enough to repeat XxxMain’s record house-jumping. What sets this apart from Redcats is how well this well holds up on nosedive crashes from hardcore bashing as well as very precise wheel camber adjustments for sharp responsive turning.


via SH ENGINES / 佶宏實業.

SH .28 Engine PT28XM1-P8

Be afraid… be very afraid… The PT28XM1-P8 by SH Engines is one mean engine that should have been branded something else. The “SH” branding sounds way too modest for something it’s caliber. A rich hobbyist could possibly found a brand on this engine and actually get away with it.

Suppose, we call this the Demon Engines’ Speed 28 XPR… That’s alot more likely than its current too-convenient label (rather than a name) that doesn’t tell you anything other than it being a .28-sized engine.

SH PT28XM1-P8 Piston Sleeve

PT28XM1-P8 Engine

SH engines are touted to be extremely powerful and reliable in their class, and this model is no different. The 4.57cc 8-port big block offroad buggy/truggy engine also features a high maximum RPM of 36,000, and a whopping 4.0 horse power. That not only means a high maximum power, but a high top-speed too. Just for comparison, the HPI Nitrostar 4.6 on the HPI Savage X only generates 1.9hp @ 28,000 RPM – but it’s also that low because it’s supposed to be for high torque. However, the SH .28 truck engine produces 3.3hp @ 28,000 RPM, hence hobbyists are going SH. The PT28XM1-P8 is currently the flagship range-topping engine by the Taiwan RC engine manufacturer.

I recently won an Ebay auction for this engine at a rock-bottom price, and I’m certainly looking forward to receiving it. This will be the new power plant on the Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI I took over from a friend. I support Asian RC products. Thinking of putting your RC car away for a period of non-use? Be sure to expel any remnant fuel as un-combusted castor oil parts of fuel mixture can congeal and harden, and in some cases even “brick” your engine. If you’re wondering why your engine can be harder to start after a week or two of non-use, this is the reason why. While I do also have a video entitled “How to Save A Locked RC Buggy / Plane / Heli Engine?” which addresses how to fix that, you don’t want to get to that point unnecessarily.

In this video, I have a Kyosho Inferno running a Thunder Tiger Pro 21BR non-pull-start engine, BSD Racing glow-plug metered ignitor and using a Thunder Tiger hand-held starter.

Follow the instructions in the video, and also invest in some after-run engine oil, or “Marvel Mystery Oil”. Treat your nitro engine well, and it’ll serve you well for a long time to come.

Check out my blog for more tips and RC reviews.

– Julian Wong
for Heya… Just chillin’ here at Segar Road Offroad RC Track opposite my new apartment. Race training session got shortened by a burnt centre differential, so just made this vlog post to pass time and share with you on my good ol’ Kyosho Inferno DX, the progress on my revenge plans against the folks at Toykar Singapore Pte Ltd, and the course here for any racer / basher / enthusiast who’d like to know. Check out my blog at, just put a post up on chicks in RC, RC babes and girls with RC cars. Will soon be updating on the RCX 2011 which will be happening this month.

Where to buy BSD Racing Land Ripper 2 1/8 Brushless Buggy Online?

Http:// The 1/8 Brushless Buggies by China’s BSD Racing are getting a lot of good talk on online RC Discussion Forums like, and That comes at little surprise, given that these powerful mean machines are good enough to give you a top 10 placing in your weekend race- RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX! Many of the usual option parts come as standard feature on BSD Racing Land Ripper 2, a.k.a. The BS809T – at half the price of a comparable competition RTR set by Team Losi, Team Associated, Kyosho, or HPI. The big question is, “Where to buy it?”. Like me in the past, I could hardly fine these anywhere, and in the places they did, they were often out of stock. Leave me a comment if you need help getting one of these. After all, I live in Asia too! In this RC Car Review, we unboxed the latest offering from BSD Racing – Version 2 of the popular “Land Ripper” 1/8 Brushless Off-Road Buggy as you’ve seen on NitroRCX and on Redhat Racing (sold under the Redhat Racing Label), and other sites. This is part of the “Asian Revolution” in RCs. It’s feature packed, and I was very impressed with what is touted as “China’s Fastest Buggy Ever Made”. This is really catching on in the UK, due to its low price and great performance.

If you’ve been looking for info on this buggy, I know it’s really hard for you to find much online – hence I decided to do you this favor.

Feel free to write me on this buggy. If you’re in Europe or in the US and looking to get one, I reckon I could help you with it. After all, I live in Asia too. Subscribe to my videos and find me on facebook at


Http:// First look at the top-selling BSD Land Ripper Rev. 2. Boy oh boy! This is one kickass buggy. No chance to properly review it as our child came weeks early. Watch this space for more updates on the latest BSD racing machine. Just look at those big bore threaded shocks… Universal driveshafts, anti roll bar, water sealed body – all standard feature. From the looks of it, can pit the Kyosho Inferno VE and HPI Vorza Flux, and Hot Bodies D8 VE to a good fight!

Where to Buy High Performance, High Quality Electric RC Cars at Lower Prices?. – by Julian Wong on

Selecting a good electric hobby-grade remote controlled car is not about picking the biggest brand names around, nor forking out hard-earned cash for the highest-priced rc car or truck around. These days, economies of scale, advancements in production technology, and the outsourcing of production to countries of low-cost labor has enabled us to enjoy high-performance, high-quality RC cars and trucks at much lower prices.

100% Ready to Run RC Buggies from JUST US$119.95 and up!

While some may squirm at the thought of a piece of Taiwan or China-branded and manufactured machinery, the fact of the matter is that many of the big names make their RC models wholly or in part in Taiwan or in China, either in company-opened manufacturing plants, or more oftenly, in leased production facilities. In recent years, with China and Taiwan-originated RC brands like Hobao (better known as Ofna, maker of the Hyper 7) and mega-brands like Thunder Tiger taking pole position at various ROAR, IFMAR and JMRCA rc car racing competitions, the “cheap and inferior products” stigma often associated with the two countries is fast-dissolving.

BSD Racing BS803T 1/8 "Land Ripper" Buggy

BSD Racing BS803T 1/8 "Land Ripper" Buggy

In fact, Thunder Tiger in recent years acquired the well-established race-oriented Associated Electric, a.k.a. Team Associated, and has since applied their technologies to their range of RC cars and trucks. The brand popularly known as “Ofna” on the other hand, exclusively distributes China and Taiwan-produced RC car makes like Hobao, Jammin, and Hong Nor. In the wake of their success, skills transferred to local engineers via leased production have spurred new RC market entrants like BSD Racing (already making a name for its 1/8 Land Ripper) and Exceed RC – which feature various models that directly rival the quality and performance of popular, hot-selling ones such as the HPI Savage X, Kyosho Inferno VE, RC10T. Even where motors and ESCs are concerned, China’s HobbyWing has rather successfully permeated the mid-range hobbyist with lower cost, yet high-performance alternatives to offerings by Novak, Tekin and Castle Creations.

What level of “savings” are we talking about? Well, a good 30-40%! Moreover, many of these “spin-offs” or “knock-offs” you may call, come fully hopped up with top end parts – like 16mm big bore oil-filled threaded shocks, polished high-flow exhausts, full-metal transmission, and high output motors or engines. If you are looking for high-performance, high-quality RC cars at low prices, the Asian RC revolution is here.

About the author: Julian Wong, aged 26, married and self-employed actively trades stocks and forex, and runs several internet marketing programs. His favorite outdoor past-time is off-road RC cars, and he is a proud owner of a Kyosho Inferno and a HPI Savage X 4.6 – both running on Nitro. If you are interested in RC modification, RC videos, and RC racing, or want to be informed of coupon promotions and RC special deals online, do check out his link RC blog at If you’re wondering how to get to the Zhonghua CC-managed Segar RC Off road Track, I’ll do you a favor, since NO ONE has explicitly written about it – except for that it’s beneath the KJE bridge. It’s located opposite HDB Block 419, Segar Road. Look out for the visuals at the start of this video. If you drive, you may park in the multistory carpark by block 419. If you’re taking the train, get off at the Fajar LRT, and walk against traffic past a junction to get to Segar Road.

Enough of that…so anyway, here’s my first run at the Segar RC Track, and as you can see, Savage X has CRAP turning circle. Twice as large a turning circle as my Kyosho Inferno. I’d have to get the steering/suspension arm conversion kit to improve cornering. If you’re considering a HPI Savage X 4.6, looking to race, want to get a great truck for a low price, get an Exceed RC Mad Storm at instead. The same .28- class engine, and a much lower CG and tighter turning, complete with high-torque servos.

Exceed RC Madstorm Racing RTR - Low Price, High Performance Race Truck

Exceed RC Madstorm Racing RTR - Low Price, High Performance Race Truck. CLICK HERE for more info...

Wheelies are spectacular to watch. “Wheelies” are when you lift the front wheel or wheels of your vehicle off the ground on a high-speed get-go. Movies make a great deal about movies, and this is commonly associated with muscle cars, monster trucks, scrambler bikes and other over-powered vehicles. If you can’t drive or ride a bike, don’t own a muscle car or monster truck you can still have your share of wheelie action cut out for you – on a much smaller scale, with high-powered RC cars and trucks. There are plenty of RC fanatics around the world who occupy themselves with wheelies, performing the longest wheelie, and building RC models around wheelie-ing, like HPI’s Wheely King.

HPI Wheely King RTR | Get more Wheelies with Wheely King

HPI Wheely King RTR | Get more Wheelies with Wheely King

In order to have great fun doing wheelies with your RC vehicle, here are 7 tips that will help you get more wheelies, better wheelies, and more fun wheelie-ing!

Hpi Savage X | How to Do Wheelies With Your RC Car or Truck?

Screenshot of my Hpi Savage X | How to Do Wheelies With Your RC Car or Truck?

  1. “Have Lots of Power!” – Full-size vehicles that achieve wheelies effortlessly share one thing in common – a high Power-to-Weight Ratio (PWR). The average road car weighs 2 tonnes, has a horsepower rating of 130 bhp, and has a PWR of 130/2 = 65bhp : 1 tonne. In comparison, the typical souped-up Dodge Charger has a PWR of 390 bhp : 1 tonne. Thankfully, hobby rc cars usually have a similarly high PWR! For example, my enhanced Hpi Savage X 4.6 has a horsepower rating of 3.1 bhp, at a weight of about 4.8 kg, or 0.0048 tonnes – that’s a whopping 645 bhp to 1 tonne! All Nitro-engine RC vehicles are well-powered. For electric ones, go for high-torque motors, or the latest, high-voltage brushless motors. Forget the “joke” $20-100 entry-level ones. Decent ones will cost you at least $119.95 – i.e.,the for a Duratrax Evader EXB.
  2. “High C.G. Helps” – Have you ever seen a Lamborghini do a wheelie? Probably you never will to do its low-riding chassis, for a low, stable centre of gravity. If you are planning on an RC vehicle for good wheelie action, I recommend you ditch the drag-racers, road sedans and drift cars in favor of monster trucks, stadium trucks, short course trucks and buggies – in that order of decreasing ground clearance.
  3. “The Right Surface” – Wheelies are most easily-achieved on high-traction surfaces like tarmac or carpet. However, if you own a High C.G. RC vehicle, like the HPI Savage X, the Losi MGT, Traxxas T-Maxx – wheelies on any surface is a piece-of-cake.

    Traxxas Jato 3.3 Wheelie

    Traxxas Jato 3.3 Wheelie

  4. “Back to Front” – If you are operating an electric car or truck, or a nitro one with a reverse gear, first reverse, then immediately accelerate. This will most definitely give you a no-brainer wheelie, as the sudden shift in momentum from backward to forward will cause a front lift. Take heed though… this method may burn your transmission out over time.
  5. “Tighten the Slip” – Tighten your slipper clutch. Your slipper clutch will tend to loosen on a sudden burst of drive torque, when you suddenly floor the accelerator – but you want that sudden torque burst to wheelie, so tighten to reduce slipping.
  6. “Sag Your Ass” – If your shocks are set too stiff, your car will have too much road-holding. Remove some of your suspension travel clips, and use a lower weight of shock oil – I recommend 20-35 wt maximum. This allows your RC vehicle to arch back on hard throttle bursts.
  7. “Use Wheelie Bars” – If your RC car or truck is absolutely powerful, you might experience unintentional back-flips occuring during your wheelies. Wheelie bars remedy this potentially embarrassing problem by putting a limit on how high your front wheels can tilt.

About the author: Julian Wong, aged 26, married and self-employed actively trades stocks and forex, and runs several internet marketing programs. His favorite outdoor past-time is off-road RC cars, and he is a proud owner of a Kyosho Inferno and a HPI Savage X 4.6 – both running on Nitro. If you are interested in RC modification, RC videos, and RC racing, or want to be informed of coupon promotions and RC special deals online, do check out his link RC blog at .