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It first started with Parrot USA’s ARDrone which allowed RC enthusiasts which allowed them to control a 4-propeller UFO-type aircraft with either iPhone or iPad over WIFI. Now, RC4WD and a private developer, Hacker Dojo, launched the latest breakthrough in iPhone-RC-hobby compatibility with their latest iPhly TX kit.

iGadget enthusiasts behold, the iPhly system comprises of a latch-on iPhone housing plus a downloadable iPhone app. With the two, iPhone users will now be able to drive or pilot their favorite RC vehicles right from their mobile device. Moreover, those who own Spectrum, Futaba, FlySky, Corona or Hitec RF modules would not have to buy new ones, as they’re compatible.

Direction control will be rendered to the users’ RC vehicle via tilting of the iPhone as measured by the iDevice’s gyro-meter, while throttle control will be via a slide up thumb move on the iPhone screen.

iPhly's Pulse Positioning Modulation

iPhly's Pulse Positioning Modulation

While the software’s current portrait view operation may be a minor setback, as compared to the ARDrone’s software’s landscape view, the iPhly extends the conveniences of the iPhone’s in-built gyrometer to virtually any hobby-grade RC car, truck, boat, plane or helicopter.

All this is made possible by translating Pulse Position Modulation into an audio waveform and then extrapolating it into a standard 2.4ghz frequency signal that your RC vehicle’s receiver can react to. For more on the science of things, you’re best surfing down to the developer’s site,

iPhly-controlled Rock Crawler

iPhly-controlled Rock Crawler

While as the phonetics of the device’s name suggests, pronounced “I fly”, that it was created for the RC flight enthusiast to simplify flight – without sacrificing 8-channels of digital programmability. However, with certain”Driving” and “Training” modes pre-programmed, neither RC majority is left to chance. The “Driving” mode even comes with a steering wheel visual, trim, and end-point-adjustments to go along!

iPhly Flying Screenshot

Hacker Dojo, iPhly’s maker’s major discontents with existing radio control sets lie in the “pathetic” amount in in-built storage memory in the “hundreds of kilobytes”, and their primitive monochrome LCD displays, in spite of their sky-high prices. On the other hand, they point out that even the simplest iPhone comes with 8GB of space, and rich, vibrant high-resolution graphics. While the best professional radio control sets out there only allow a maximum storage of 20-30 model presets, the iPhly allows you to store as many presets as your iPhone’s free space permits – easily into the thousands!

iPhly Transmitter Module

iPhly Transmitter Module

By now, you must be keen on seeing the iPhly in action. Here are two great videos for you to enjoy!

iPhly: Open Source Radio Control with iPhone

Large Scale News Drives HPI Baja 5SC with the iPhly

If you’re interested in getting an iPhly, RC4WD is taking orders now. You may visit to place yours!