Archive for the ‘RC Nitro Engines’ Category This car has actually been out on the market for over 3 years now. While many have slimed it as everyone elses’ (the big-name companies) copy-cat, a large camp of 1/8 nitro buggy followers out there hail it as innovative car ahead of its time.

Dubbed as the Z-Car, the ZMXB-8 originates from none other than Golden Lion Enterprise Co Ltd a.k.a. SH Engines’ sister company, Zan Ma Racing. SH Engines is also the biggest RC engine producer in the Republics of China, and are reputed for high performance and responsiveness at a low cost. Apparently, story has it that this buggy sells for under US$200 in some places in China!

I’ll be writing more on this buggy, but in the meantime, do enjoy this video.

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­ 的なRrサスレイアウト、ブレーキレイアウト&キャリパー、スターハブ、HOBAOやTRF801程ではないが傾斜したエンジン、高速FINAL ギア&1次減速をLow ratioとし軽量化を図るあたりはGood Designでライトウエイトシャシも相まってJUMPも軽い感じです。足のジオメトリーはイジリ代が多す ぎて思案中です。エンジンはHOBAO HYPER21で完全台湾車?です。
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SH ENGINES 1/8 OFF ROAD BUGGY PROTOTYPE This was the engine on my Kyosho Inferno DX which I have decided to retire due to parts shortage. Before any further wreckage, I’ll be cleaning it up and putting it up for display.The .21 3.5 cc buggy engine still works great. 2.1HP and has a top rev band at 28,000rpm. Letting go for $70. Great for entry-level buggy or truggy. However, those who’re currently racing a .15 or .18 engine, i.e. Traxxas Revo or Jato 3.3, or even the HPI RS4s will find this to be a big power boost.

Here’s another picture of the engine, in a clean condition. I’m selling mine without pullstart, with the original Thunder Tiger engine backplate, as I’m using the pullstart for a different car.

Http:// An IFMAR-approved and EFRA-homogulated pipe does not have to come at a high price. In a market spoilt by the sky high prices of approved pipes by OS Engines, Nosram, Nova Rossi or LRP. The Jammin JP-4 EFRA-2062 pipe is available for less than $100. In fact, less than even $80. Yet, it shares all the great pluses and even has a reinforced exhaust outlet to guard against hard, bad landings that may wreck another pipe altogether.

This is because EFRA classifies not by make or model, but by exhaust shape. This means pipes from different manufacturers sharing the same EFRA number do share the same features. The Jammin JP-4 EFRA-2062 manifold by Hong Nor Racing was designed for high torque and high rpm – just what buggy and truggy racers need to win.

This is going to join my SH 28 8-port racing engine on my second-hand Inferno MP9 TKI

via SH ENGINES / 佶宏實業.

SH .28 Engine PT28XM1-P8

Be afraid… be very afraid… The PT28XM1-P8 by SH Engines is one mean engine that should have been branded something else. The “SH” branding sounds way too modest for something it’s caliber. A rich hobbyist could possibly found a brand on this engine and actually get away with it.

Suppose, we call this the Demon Engines’ Speed 28 XPR… That’s alot more likely than its current too-convenient label (rather than a name) that doesn’t tell you anything other than it being a .28-sized engine.

SH PT28XM1-P8 Piston Sleeve

PT28XM1-P8 Engine

SH engines are touted to be extremely powerful and reliable in their class, and this model is no different. The 4.57cc 8-port big block offroad buggy/truggy engine also features a high maximum RPM of 36,000, and a whopping 4.0 horse power. That not only means a high maximum power, but a high top-speed too. Just for comparison, the HPI Nitrostar 4.6 on the HPI Savage X only generates 1.9hp @ 28,000 RPM – but it’s also that low because it’s supposed to be for high torque. However, the SH .28 truck engine produces 3.3hp @ 28,000 RPM, hence hobbyists are going SH. The PT28XM1-P8 is currently the flagship range-topping engine by the Taiwan RC engine manufacturer.

I recently won an Ebay auction for this engine at a rock-bottom price, and I’m certainly looking forward to receiving it. This will be the new power plant on the Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI I took over from a friend. I support Asian RC products.